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Seriously, I Love You But Half Your Movies Suck

30 Jun

So… I’m the kind of person who discovers an actor by catching them in something and then follows them through everything else they’ve done. When I used to work for Blockbuster 15 years ago, my video (eventually DVD) collection grew by leaps and bounds because I could order stuff I wanted for cheap. I used to own every Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise movie ever made. (I stopped even seeing Tom’s stuff when he went nuts a few years ago) Now I have my Hugh Jackman collection. Which is a great way to waste a weekend, by the way. MmmmHugh.

Before I dig into these movies/actors- please note that I love each and every one of the actors. They’ve done some great stuff! And either I’ve met them and they are good people or someone I love has and has informed me they are. So let it be known that I am not making digs on them… I am merely examining that they have not always done the best films/projects. But as my beloved John Barrowman says about the delightful and awful, Shark Attack 3,- he did it for the money. So I assume… they did as well. And that’s just fine. 🙂 (ps… John’s famous line… NSFW)

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As Long As I Don’t Wear Tights or Spandex, Issue 3 — PAX ROMANA

28 Jun

Stewart here…

PAX ROMANA by Jonathan Hickman (Image Comics/collected)

If anything can be learned from time travel stories, its that meddling with the past can have unintended consequences.  One of the best examples of this is the now late Ray Bradbury’s classic short story A Sound of Thunder, where a simple bug being crushed changes the entire course of human history.  With all the infinite possibilities for disaster the notion of going back to the past presents, you would think such an idea would not be cavalierly pursued.  The concept of writer/artist Jonathan Hickman’s time travel world-building epic Pax Romana is that even with a unified purpose, things still can change in a surprising way. Continue reading

Why so sexy mister undead man?

26 Jun

Seriously… why are we so drawn to vampires? And now zombies- OK, maybe we aren’t attracted to zombies, but we are drawn to them (and no, please don’t start a conversation about bath salts here). And werewolves- OK, technically not undead but… OMG! what draws us to these creatures of the supernatural?

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FARSCAPE Revisited Mini-caps / Season 1, Episodes 5-8

24 Jun

Stewart here…

Well, its time for another mini-cap on Farscape.  Here’s a bit of trivia for those of you coming in new via DVD and streaming: I saw almost all of season one when it first aired on Sci-Fi Channel back in 1999, and like many shows, aired their first batch of episodes out of order, starting with some of their strongest episodes up front.  And that lack of strength in the early run of the show led to some concern among the channel’s execs about ordering more episodes, which started to be put to rest around the time the episode “PK Tech Girl” (a personal favorite of mine in the show’s run) came into production.  Obviously this delay in dropping the hammer on the show was for the best, because the show starts coming into its own.

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If You Heard My MP3 Player… You’d Think Me Strange

22 Jun

I do not like most conventional music. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t listen to the radio (my new car has XM Satelite radio and I’ve got it set to oldies stations- Hair Nation is my fav)… which makes it a little weird when people ask my opinion about music. I can’t tell you bubkiss about who is popular now. Or even ten years ago. I’m absolutely horrible with bands… unless I adore them. And for me to adore you, as a musician or band, you have to be awesome. And generally… that means you are indie.  Continue reading

Where’s the Science in my Science Fiction?

20 Jun

Why is it that most of the time, the science presented in the science fiction is nothing more than fiction? Or is missing completely? Sometimes you get the odd bit of reality- like Joss Whedon having space be silent in Firefly & Serenity; usually, there’s the sound of engines or phaser blasts or what have you- even though there’s no atmosphere/oxygen in space in order for there to be sound. In fact, we at NerdLush are watching the late ’90s/early ’00s series, Farscape, right now. In the first mini-cap, Em questioned why the lead character- who’d spent most of the episode up to that point reminded the audience that he was a scientist!- got out of his spacecraft and took off his helmet without checking for breathable atmosphere. She has a point- what kind of scientist would do that? Continue reading

Slicing & Dicing Zombies Is Best When Spending Romantic Time With A Decapitated Head

18 Jun

So… my copy of Lollipop Chainsaw arrived. And I am happily ignoring a quiz in my family violence class in order to rev my chainsaw and hack up some living dead. I haven’t had this much fun playing a game in years- a fact that probably says a lot about why I am not a gamer. I think the only thing that makes me sad is that it isn’t a 2-player game, as I think it’d be cool to hack some zombies with the rest of “Juliet’s” family. Of course, I’m pretty happy with the smart-ass comments from the decapitated head of her boyfriend- so I’m good. 

Though… I’m glad he’s just a head- if he had a stomach, I think “Nick” would be pretty nauseated since his head is chained to “Juliet’s” belt and she’s spinning around, kicking the shit out of the zombie horde. Be a little problematic if she had to stop every now and then so he could hurl. Continue reading

FARSCAPE Revisited Mini-caps / Season 1, Episodes 1-4

16 Jun

Stewart here…

A brief history lesson: I remember a time when there was something on cable called the Sci-Fi Channel (it’s now called Syfy, you may have heard) and for the longest time, it was full on reruns of classic science-fiction and Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Sometime around 1999, they started to branch out into original programming.  Among the first of the shows they wheeled out was one produced by Jim Henson’s company, and was a largely Australian production called Farscape.  It was meant to not really be a muppet-esque sci-fi show (although there are clearly puppeteered creations at work here), but a combination of puppets, make-up, and CG, and yes, regular humans.  So cut to several years later, when after four seasons and a follow-up miniseries, I was a full-blown fan. Continue reading

We Can’t Help But Have Nerd Adventures

15 Jun

We tried to have a normal day- Emily came over to hang out, play some video games, watch some Farscape, and be here with me when my new mattress was delivered. But on our way home from lunch- where we got a spot, on Hollywood Blvd, directly in front off the restaurant we were going to- our troubles began. So we made a video for you. 🙂

Fresh Meat!

15 Jun

Hello Everybody!

So when Elizabeth asked me to be a part of Nerdlush, I was thrilled! I’m all kinds of nerdy! I hope to be able to bring you awesome tales about movies, television, video games, food, travel, and most of all… technology!

Here are a few of my current projects and/or obsessions….

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