Femme Fatales Premiere Coverage… OMG! James Gunn!

23 May

You may recall that last week AFC ran my interview with several of the ladies from Cinemax’s Femme Fatales– as a capper to that interview I was asked to cover the season two premiere. The write-up for that is up on AFC. This would be my first on-site press gig as the interviewer (remember, for Spartacus, I took the photos) and would also be attending the screening and after-party… so I tracked down someone to be my assistant for this event- my friend Phil Xenidis (you might know him better as rock god, Phil X formerly of Powder, currently playing with his band The Drills and with so many other awesome artists). As I laughed with a mutual friend the other day- last year, he was playing with Bon Jovi, now he’s my bitch. Ha! But in all seriousness- I have to give Phil a lot of love for his help. He took some great photos for me and it was great to have a friend to hang out with.

Anyways, I won’t share about the premiere or much about the ladies because it’s all in the write-up for AFC. But I do want to write up about my conversation with the amazing James Gunn. (There was a comment from James of “you look familiar” and let’s just say… I was giddy) You might remember that I met James in March at WonderCon when Lloyd Kaufman grabbed me to pose for pics with him and James- massive nerdsquee for me! The photos are up on the People I’ve Met page. In any case, I was very excited to see him at the premiere- it wasn’t something I asked, but I understand he was there to support his friend Nikki Griffin. I managed to catch a few minutes of James’ time and briefly discuss his upcoming game from Warner Brothers Games et al, Lollipop Chainsaw (I think I’ve mentioned that I am excited for this game before) and a few other topics.

NerdLush – (explained that I had just been discussing PG-Porn with Phil) 

James – “Gotta watch PG-Porn, it’s a beautiful show for beautiful people. It’s the kind of thing that, you know, is very special.”

NerdLush – What’s coming up?

James – “I’m focused right now on LolliPop Chainsaw. Couple of other projects in the works, but really until June 12th, the game is central.”

NerdLush – I’m pretty excited for Lollipop Chainsaw, it looks great. And great people involved.

James – “The actors are great. (Michael) Rosenbaum in particular is amazing. He’s amazing. He’s amazing in the game, even though we got into a huge fight last night.” (referring to an argument over Mafia which James posted about on Twitter and Facebook)

NerdLush – Who won?

James – “Oh, me. Are you kidding? I’m a writer, I’m a wordsmith. I can run circles around Michael Rosenbaum. I feel bad afterward because I beat him so bad with my words (laughs).” (of note, I also asked about Emily, James’ cat, and was apparently the second person to ask about things James posts on Facebook and/or Twitter- which later led to this post on Facebook… if you look, I admitted to being the one who asked about the fight and James said it was funny we’d asked).

NerdLush– (In James’ recent film, Super, he used a song- Nobody Knows You Anymore– by a friend and favorite musician of mine- Terra Naomi. She also happens to be a friend of his.) Why did you use that particular song by Terra? Was it written for the film?

James – “It was not written for it, it was just a song that I really loved. Strangely, that song was written in my house, actually, which is very cool. And I just thought it fit the scene. When I’m putting together a movie sometimes I shoot a scene knowing exactly what music I’m going to use in it and other times, I shoot a scene and I don’t even know that I’m going to have a song in it. It seemed that was the place for a song. I wanted to use one of Terra’s songs. I actually had tried to use her version of Drugs Don’t Work earlier in the movie but we couldn’t get the rights from The Verve. So I wanted to use one of her songs somewhere else in the movie and thought that song worked beautifully in that scene. I love it in that scene, it’s really great.”

NerdLush – (Shamelessly gushing over how great Terra is)

James – “She’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met in my life.”

Wow. What great comments from James. So glad I was able to catch him for a few words. I’m always a little nervous catching people because I don’t want to invade their lives- even at events. It’s a little easier if they are working the event, but in this instance, James was a guest of a guest basically. Many thanks to him for chatting with me.

Below find a small gallery of some of the photos of the event. The majority of the photos (where I am not in them) will be up with the main write-up on AFC in a few days. Oh! and if you’re a regular follower of NerdLush, you know we’ve recently added some new authors- they’re getting started with posts. One of whom is miss Madison Dylan, who is featured in the gallery below. 🙂

By the way- Phil is on the list for a future interview here at NerdLush. 😉

8 Responses to “Femme Fatales Premiere Coverage… OMG! James Gunn!”

  1. thedanielj May 23, 2012 at 1:55 pm #

    I discovered your blog via James Gunn’s FB post. I wanted say I really dig it. I have a blog that I’ve been trying to build up in the past few months. Would love if you checked it out. Would love your advise, pointers, wisdom, critiicisms, put downs, come ons, whatever.Perhaps we can exchanged guest spots sometime.You can find the blog at http://www.notsodaily.com

    • elizabeth ann May 23, 2012 at 2:02 pm #

      Thanks for stopping by! I will definitely check your blog out and maybe we can work out a guest spot or something. I’ve recently taken on some more authors so I’m starting to see more awesome readers as we spread our nerdyness and grow.


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