Nerdsplosion! episode 1

28 Mar

I mentioned in an earlier post that sometimes I get to contribute to Action Flick Chick’s site. A year or so ago, early in 2011, I got followed on twitter by @ActionChick. I had no idea who this was or why I got followed but after taking a peek at the tweets and the attached website you better believe I followed back. And so our “relationship” began. The occasional nerdy convo happened, but it was mostly a quiet affair. Until January 2012 when a random request looking for someone in LA to cover a premiere happened. Of course, being that I have a decent camera and a lot of free time (and that I enjoy going to events/movies/concerts etc without having to break the bank to do so) I immediately volunteered. Got paired with a fresh face, Amelia, and off we went to cover the premiere of Spartacus Vengeance. The results of which can be found here on the AFC site. I wrote a tidbit about the event on Perpetually Learning.

I have since covered two other events for AFC and hopefully will have more contributions posted there.

I also plan to, eventually, upload more of the photos from the Spartacus premiere to In Darkness. So keep an eye out for those. But just because I want to share some… here’s a small¬†sampling.

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