Equality in my comics!

26 Mar

Last fall, I got inspired by a conversation with a friend to rant on PL about the inequality of costumes in comic books. Basically, I went off on the fact that so often female characters wear costumes/clothes that are magically gravity defying and that I would not want to be a super-hero because my concern wouldn’t be saving someone but keeping my naughty bits covered.

While wandering a recent convention floor and discussing my rules for cosplay with my friend, I again noticed the inequality in the clothing of characters. We saw ONE guy running around in his underwear (I believe he was the guy from 300) and a ton of women running around in things that would make a Victoria’s Secret model feel naked. (And yes, there were many who should not have been wearing those outfits, but that’s for a different post). Not to mention the discrepancy in shoe options- have you ever seen a female hero in flats? Not lately! It’s all about the stiletto heel. Which is stunning, in theory- but I think the guys that draw that as a shoe to rescue people and fight crime in, should have to run a mile in them.

I’m not the only one who thinks this way… this image was found in a quick google search

So… yeah. I guess that’s enough ranting about this. For now.

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