I finally caught up on SOMETHING!

14 Mar

For most of the pandemic I have completely failed to maintain my TV viewing habits. I haven’t watched any of the “Arrowverse” shows that ended during it- their final seasons sit in limbo on my DVR waiting for me.

But I have tried to be present for Superman & Lois.

I have failed. But I did try.

It was important to me because I love the characters of Superman and Clark Kent. Christopher Reeve made me believe a man could fly. I have also always loved Lois Lane. Taught me, from a young age, that women didn’t have to just sit and wait; Lois has always played by her own drums. Chasing a story, no matter the risk. But the result was worth it.

Also, I liked the idea of seeing them in a different role- parents.

So when the show premiered in 2021 I was all in.

It helped that Tyler Hoechlin was playing the role and we all know that I have a little obsession with his eyebrows.

Anyways… fast forward to season 2 (2022) of the series and the week of the second episode I had a conflict and never caught up! I missed the entirety of the season because it was just too much to catch up that one episode (I know Stewart is shaking his head at me but… it was too much!). But over the last two weeks, I have forced myself to catch up on the entire series in order to be ready for the premiere.

And I am ready to go! Wanted to share a few random thoughts I had while re-watching seasons 1 and 2… assume spoilers, fyi:

  • Though initially I was not in love with Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois (I love Erica Durance in the role), I am glad I gave her a chance because there is an inner strength that she has that just… damn. There were some mom moments where I was teared up.
  • The Cushing family in first season feels like they are just there to create drama (and not the good kind) and there are parts of the second season that this continues but there was more character development that happened and it allowed them to not be 2 dimensional anymore. Except Sophie. She’s still kind of worthless and often seems forgotten. But then… she’s the only little kid in the series. Hard to have depth when you barely there and barely interact with anyone outside of your family.
  • Are we done with Kyle Cushing’s man pain? It’s worn a little thin. I would like him to have a backbone.
  • Morgan Edge has had quiet the ride, hasn’t he? Starting as a(nother!) billionaire adversary and turning into a serious villain bent on destroying humanity and finally becoming a smartass who just wants his brother (maybe). Hopefully we haven’t seen the end of him- though, his behavior when last seen on bizarro-earth, may prove that he is gone (he is gonna be super sad faced to hear that his lady love is actually on earth).
  • The Kent boys… one thing I have really enjoyed is how brotherly they are. Sure, they fight but they have each others backs- seen even in the beginning, pre-powers, when Jonathan stood up for his brother (while teasing him about not fitting in). But it’s also not overly mushy, fake sweet. I am hoping that it continues with the recent departure of Jordan Elsass as Jonathan. (Also, props to the actor for taking care of himself)
  • I am glad that the show gave stories to John Henry and Natalie, and that thought they revolve around the central storyline, they had their own growth and development.
  • OMG- how much did I hate the Ally Allston storyline? I would not have made it/her the sole focus of the season. Well… perhaps as like a Darkseid minion or something… But as it stood, perhaps I just couldn’t turn of the logical side of my brain enough, but she as supposed to be smart and she was convinced it was a good idea to merge two worlds? Doesn’t matter if they were different dimensions, just getting close to each other would’ve destroyed them. Like, legitimately destroyed them. Where were the earthquakes? And as someone who deals with gaslighting and brainwashing/manipulation, the human side of the story was so aggravating for me.
  • I liked Lucy better on Supergirl. She was nothing like the strong character she should have been. That made me sad.
  • THE EYEBROWS!! I can’t help it; Tyler’s eyebrows make me so happy. That man emotes more with them and his eyes then any other body part. And his eyes are sometimes hard to see with the glasses… I cannot really explain it. I wish I could. They just… work.
  • I completely understand that Tyler needs to be able to move but someone needs to be on set to adjust the Superman suit more often… in my binge, I lost count of the number of times it bunched around his chest/armpits. I read somewhere once that the suit is basically a second skin and thus the force that exudes from Sups skin protects it, which is why the suit doesn’t get damaged when he’s shot or something. (Though why the cape isn’t always torn to hell and gone is beyond me) Basically, my point is… the suit should not, ever, be bunching.
  • I really need someone to have the conversation about sex and Superman. They did it on Smallville, much to Clark’s chagrin, repeatedly. But I just really need that to happen. Like… Lana and Lois need a girl’s night and dish session, with glasses of wine and a cheese plate (cuz they fancy) and girl talk. This absolutely needs to happen.
  • The Kents are worse than Oliver Queen when it comes to keeping a secret!
  • How’s the farm doing? Like.. no one ever talks about it. They talk about fixing stuff or how good it was growing up on a farm and taking care of it, but is it up and running? Are they renting the acres to neighbors? What’s happening?

I guess that’s about it. I am so ready for season 3! Join on the NerdLush Twitter for a livetweet! (Followed by the premiere of Gotham Knights!)

What do you think?

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