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So… I have to think of something to say about myself here, huh? Um… I am a geek and a nerd. I have completed a doctorate and to keep myself sane I let my inner geek run the show a lot. My other blog is a page that I want to keep more focused on my studies and professional side. This page… is more for the fun. I’ve spent the last few years hitting up conventions and hanging out in comic shops… now I occasionally go to events on behalf of others, but some of my nerdy adventures don’t work for their pages… so THIS will be the home for them. I very likely will write up some old adventures as well.

elizabeth ann

Everything posted on this blog is copyright to NERDLUSH unless otherwise indicated. Please do not redistribute. Instead- link back to us!

Quick note in regards to the NerdLush shop at zazzle– this site makes no profit from the store. I will sell merchandise for two reasons: 1) to pay for the site itself (which is nominal and already paid in full for 2015) and 2) to collect funds in order to make charitable donations in the name of NerdLush and its fans. I don’t currently do this site for any other reason than because it is fun; if that ever changes and I choose to change this policy, I will make an announce here and in the store FIRST. So please, if you choose to purchase a product and support this site- know that your funds will be going to a worthy cause, I’ll even post a poll on charities at some point. Thank you.


Since I created the site in March of 2012, it’s grown to house the work of a few nerdy friends as well. So here’s a few wee tidbits about the other authors on the site-


Minion #1, Stewart. Stewart is a friend from high school and no, I won’t tell you how long ago that was. As the token male (so far) of the NerdLush Crew, he adds a different perspective to the site. His posts range from sharing the less known, non-super hero-ey comics to random thoughts. He is also the current master of the mini-recaps as he does such a better job reviewing things than I do.


Saucy Pirate Wench, Emily. Emily has the special bonus of working post-production in Hollywood, so not only does she bring her tech nerd savvy to the NerdLush Crew, but if I told you some of the things she’s worked on… well, let’s just say it’s a pretty awesome list. She’s a gamer and fiddler and a frequent partner in my Nerd Adventures (seriously… watch the videos).

With the new year, come new authors to the NerdLush crew. So let me introduce the latest crop~

DeeDee or D2, both are correct


DeeDee has previously guestblogged for us but has come on full-time with the new year. In her own words,

*Insert “Wonder Woman” theme music here* Mother of four, part-time singer in a rockabilly punk band, artist, fairly knowledgeable geek, and wife to a crazy rock star kind of man.

In my spare time I chase kids, lose my mind, cook, clean, paint, chase kids and clean. I can play “Moonlight Sonata” wrong for several hours at a time. Now I’m a writer. Booya.



NATASHA RHODES (comes with a professional bio, how coolio is that?)(and an accent!) is the British-born author of a worrying number of popular novels about vampires and werewolves, including the smash-hit movie blockbusters ‘Blade: Trinity,’ ‘Final Destination: The Movie 1 and 2,’ and ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street: Perchance To Dream.’ Her original Kayla Steele Vampire Hunter novels including ‘Dante’s Girl,’ ‘The Last Angel,’ and ‘Circus of Sins’ have been published internationally to occasional critical acclaim



For some reason we collect Brits on the crew… Lee‘s bio is that of a self confessed comic book fan/movie nut/gamer/nerd who taught Batman everything he knows. Cancer charity @Cycle2Cure & Co-Creator of @ALLTHENOMZ

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