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Happy Holidays from NerdLush!

24 Dec

Once again, our own D2, has created a holiday card from all of us to all of you. Can you name all the references and adventures?

Nerdlush 2014

Giving Thanks

28 Nov

Today in the United States is a day set aside as a day to give thanks and be with family and friends. As I firmly believe you should be thankful everyday, I prefer to take Thanksgiving as a time spent with family. However, I wanted to take a few minutes to make a list of some of the many things I am thankful for-


*I am thankful for each member of the NerdLush crew and all the life they bring to this site. Continue reading

Shindig fun for the WIN!

12 Apr

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or are new to the site, you are aware that we just celebrated our 1st birthday with a karaoke party. Wait… let me rephrase that- with a karaoke party of AWESOMENESS!

fun times!

fun times!

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Happy Birthday, NerdLush!

19 Mar

Today is our first birthday! Woohoo! Thank you all for your support. We hope that you’ll be able to join us in a few weeks when we celebrate with karaoke!

Let there be cake!

Let there be cake!

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The Philosophy of Gardening: Why Grow Your Own Food?

11 Mar

People ask me why I bother growing my own food. After all, fruit and vegetables are so cheap these days. I live in the city just a block from a supermarket. Why waste my time?

Having grown up in the countryside, my answer is simple: “Why not?” Modern life is busy, hectic, packed. Every advert on TV boasts to shave another few seconds off a task that is already achieved ten times quicker than our parent’s generation could do it. Everywhere people are mainlining coffee and popping pills like PacMan to get them through their week, then wondering why they can’t sleep on weekends and have a heart attack at age 40.

Call me old school, but I think it’s time to slow down. Continue reading

So… I read a book ~ Mockingjay Review

10 Jan

(Caution – SPOILER ALERT!)

Like everyone else in the world, I bought the first book in the much-hyped Hunger Games series just to see what all the fuss was about. Not that I expected to enjoy it, of course. I expected to flick through, read the occasional paragraph and quietly titter to myself, and end by boomeranging the darned thing to the nearest thrift store, where it would take its place amongst at many Read-It-Once-And-Go-“Oh, so THAT’S whodunit!” Dan Brown books and the twelve vinyl copies of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album that I believe every US charity shop is now required by law to carry.

To my surprise (and initial annoyance), I thoroughly enjoyed it. Don’t tell anyone, but in fact I found myself so swept up by the cliffhanger ending of Book 1 that I rushed out and bought Books 2 and 3. Continue reading

It’s a NerdLush Christmas party!

25 Dec

Wishing all of you a merry Christmas!  Continue reading

The NerdLush Ladies… see a movie.

4 Jun

One of the beautiful things of having most of the NerdLush crew in the L.A. area is that we can get together to do things. Continue reading

NerdLush Asks~ Interview with an author…

11 Apr

Have you ever looked around your friends and realized that you know some pretty amazing people? I have. There are the usual people- old friends and new, full of amazing stories and skills. There are those that come into our lives for brief moments, and others we can’t seem to get rid of. And there are those people who we peg as being one way- rocker chick, for example- but have this hidden gift that you have to get to know them in order to learn about. My friend Tash is like that. Continue reading

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