The NerdLush Ladies… see a movie.

4 Jun

One of the beautiful things of having most of the NerdLush crew in the L.A. area is that we can get together to do things. The Nerd Adventures are an example of this. BTW- episode 2 is in the works, but may be delayed a wee bit because we are working on getting theme music. Sadly, the only guy in the crew, for now- Stewart- lives many many miles away in a distant state. But while many of us are here, we can get together to do random things as a group and share them with you. This past weekend, myself with Madison and Natasha (who is currently an honorary crew member but should be an author soon) got together to see The Avengers again. We created a short video review to share the fun. We were missing Emily in the outing but she joined in spirit and because she did a quick edit for us.

What do you think?

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