5 May

So… I was not one of the souls out late Thursday night for a midnight screening of this summers first Blockbuster- The Avengers, instead I was lounging in bed watching an episode of a favorite series (in case you were wondering- “Leverage“). But I did run out early Friday morning to catch a showing!

My initial reaction was documented on twitter– Not going to write a review… maybe. But just home from The Avengers. AMAZING. LOVED IT! this is why Joss is my master now.

And this isn’t a review… I’m still too much in that awed period where I must see the film again before I’m completely ready to talk about it with others (though I was able to have great discussions with the friend I went with- she was, after all, right there with me). But I have to say something. This movie is exactly what the fans wanted. It is what action/superhero/comic movies are meant to be. It was a thrill a minute, with fantastic dialogue- even when they had to give you technical jargon, the audience never had a moment of “huh?”. The action scenes were delightfully full of action- and unlike last summer’s Thor (which I also loved), when the fights were happening you could see it all. Nothing was too dark or too fast that the viewer got lost.

The one character I had worried about- prior to seeing the film- was the Hulk. In every previous venture made with this character he has been cheesy. And the mix of drama and action just hasn’t worked. So it was tough for me to look forward to having this character again… but my god! Joss Whedon knew exactly how to make the character work. And without giving anything away- Hulk stole the show. Excellent job! (I love all the characters- Iron Man is a particular fav because he’s a sarcastic asshole and I love that, Captain America and Thor are just so pretty… so I’m not saying they weren’t fantastic, just that the character that had worried me… well, he came out beyond awesome!)

So… no review from me- just this, I hope you all go out and support this film, and love it as much as I do. ♥

Oh… and anyone else want to get some Shawarma? 😉

2 Responses to “The Avengers (or… OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG! SQUEEEEEEEE! ILOVEJOSSWHEDON!)”


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