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A Mission from the Chick Herself…

29 Apr

A few weeks ago the Action Chick herself emailed me and asked if I would be up for some interviews. I said of course, but there was a minor problem at the time- I was in Monterey at a conference. Continue reading

Week of Geek

25 Apr

Probably won’t make many posts like this often as adventures tend to get their own posts and not a jumbled collection… but this week has been full of mini geekery and I feel like sharing some of it. Continue reading

CosPlay by the Rules!

23 Apr

So… years ago I was at SDCC with my brother and while waiting in line for a panel (the big line, for Ballroom 20) we started discussing the people CosPlaying that walked by. This conversation led to my Rules for CosPlaying. I’ve fine tuned them since then and after my recent visit to WonderCon 2012, I wrote them up for AFC. 🙂 (AFC has a bigger audience so it was the better choice for posting, in case you were wondering why the original post is there and not here). In any case- it’s a humorous read, but I am very serious about every point I make. And if you CosPlay, or know someone who does, or even if you just like to dress up for Halloween, these rules may save your day! Check it out- leave comments!

FanGirl Squee- What would you ask?

21 Apr

In the not-too-distant future, I am going to set up an interview with Lloyd Kaufman. If you don’t know who that is, you should probably cancel your nerd subscription. In any case, I recently met him

Met Lloyd Kaufman and James Gunn at WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim

and have since had some awesome moments in Twitter conversations. So… I will pursue the opportunity to interview Mr. Kaufman. For this site and perhaps AFC.

So… my question is this- what would you ask him? The best questions will be used.

NerdLush loves…

18 Apr

Last week, an old friend posted part 1 of his review of the original V Miniseries (which is STILL a favorite of mine) and I linked it here because I thought it was worth sharing. Over the weekend, he posted part 2 and I’m linking now so that you can all check it out too.

If you don’t remember watching the series when it aired or even on the re-airings on NBC and then on Sci-Fi/SyFy, or you’ve never actually seen it- check out the series. It was such an amazing piece of work. I can still remember watching with my family and then running off to recess the next day to play as the characters. And having a brief twitter convo with Jane Badler a year or so ago regarding my finding the Visitor jumpsuits in the Warner Brothers costume warehouse… honestly, that was a geek highlight of my life!

Opinions Needed…

17 Apr

What are some pros & cons of taking successful films & either remaking, colorizing or re-releasing in 3D- name some example movies!

NerdLush seeks new voices!

15 Apr

Do you have a thing or two to say about geeky topics? Whether you have regular posts you want to make or just want/need a place to occasionally speak your piece, NerdLush wants you. Drop a comment letting me know what topics/ideas you have, and you’re in. Pretty easy, huh?

Happy Birthday to me!

14 Apr

Shush. I am too allowed to make a post about my birthday! 😛 Anyways… todays the day. Send me cake. I hope to be spending the day with my family and catching a show at WitzEnd in Venice by my beautiful friend Terra Naomi.

my celebration two years ago led to much silliness… like this great shot with my almost-nieces. so here’s to me and my continuing nerdiness.

NerdLush loves…

13 Apr

I grew up in the ’80s. I loved all the sci-fi film and TV of the times, still do- even though in comparison to todays, some of the effects are cheezy. I gladly watch most of the shows/films everytime they air. So it makes me very happy to have an old friend do a review of one my favorite series/shows EVER!- V! So, if you’re like me and still love this great program- or if you’re someone who never had a chance to watch the original- take a peek at this review. I’ll post a link when part 2 goes up as well.

Nerdsplosion! episode 2

13 Apr

I did a great recap of the last year + nerd adventures over on PL. Which you don’t need to go there to read, because I loved it so and therefore just copy/pasted it here. 😛 Continue reading

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