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Guest Post!!~ Attending Conventions as a Senior

18 Dec

Barbara is back to share her thoughts on attending conventions at a certain age…


When I was younger (much) I took my kids to Star Trek Conventions… little ones in neighboring towns and big ones in LA. The three of us were on our own a lot and cons were a cheap way of spending the day together, having fun mostly looking. Turns out both kids were incipient nerds and enjoyed themselves very much. He got into comic books and she got into fandom.

Now I am considerably older; with the attendant aches and pains and she takes me to the cons. Continue reading

LA Comic Con, oh how I’ve missed you! (or have I?)

12 Nov

After missing out on last year’s convention because my assistant decided getting paid for actual work instead of doing free convention wanderings was a better deal… well, I made a return to my convention fun. With a new assistant. Who ended up having more delightful shenanigans than I, but more on that later. Continue reading

Pondering a cosplay question- does not compute

17 Aug

I started a training this week for the job I am doing for the next year. One of the topics related to proper dress attire- should be common sense stuff,right? Especially since I am working at a prison. But apparently my institution is fairly lax and there are a lot of questionable things that have been worn inside…

The basic thing is don’t wear the same color as the inmates. And, ladies, remember that men are looking at you as though you are a piece of meat. And they are starving.

Pretty simple, right?

But it got me thinking about cosplay again- something that’s been happening a lot since I started this site. Continue reading

The Wonderousness of WonderCon 2014… or how Easter Weekend is going to need a week to recover from

21 Apr

The con season is off to a brilliant start and NerdLush spent this Easter weekend in sunny Anaheim wandering the halls of WonderCon for the third year. Three significant differences from the prior years- a) rather than just going for Sunday, we went for all 3 days, b) rather than being only at the hall and otherwise being at home- we had a hotel room, and c) instead of just being fans, press, or otherwise wandering around innocently, I had been asked to be part of a panel on “The Psychology of Cult TV”. The latter piece will be covered in a separate post because honestly, I don’t remember much of it- my first panel… I was nervous! BUT! I have been told it (and I) was very good. And it felt pretty awesome. Continue reading

Yuri’s Night! Epic SPAAAAAACE Party Brings Out The Scientist In Us All!

13 Apr

Last year, I was wandering around Twitter on April 12th and noticed that a lot of people that I loved/followed were all attending a party for “Yuri’s Night”. So I said to myself, “self… what is this Yuri’s Night thing and why am I not at this party?” Oh, I looked- it was completely sold out at that point; so I bookmarked it as something to look at for this year. And then I googled the event and it’s meaning. Continue reading

Long Beach Comic Con… it’s all about the Bat Nipples.

26 Nov

What? You didn’t spend your weekend talking about bat nipples with random strangers? Well, then… you are missing out. There was also a conversation about Wolverine and self-love but I’ll leave that to your imaginations.

The simple fact is I went to Long Beach Comic Con this weekend and had a lot of fun.  Continue reading

Long Beach Comic-con

20 Nov

This weekend is Long Beach Comic-con. NerdLush will be in attendance. It’s our first time. Our friend Steve Scott will be there (very excited as we haven’t gotten together in a few years!).

I’m itching to get some new interviews, so hopefully we’ll be able to make that happen while we are there. Fingers Crossed!

It’s seems like there should be plenty of fun cosplayers. And the guest list looks pretty good. So… I’m excited. Or not… as I’m sure to not get a lot of rest. But… that’s fun too.

The NerdLush Cosplay Rules, an update.

4 Nov

Last year, I published my rules for cosplaying via a post for Action Flick Chick. Since the basic rules became known, I’ve been thinking about additions. But until the other day, I hadn’t figured out what the next set of rules were. Well… this weekend, Emily and I (though D2 and Catie were also in attendance) attended Stan Lee’s Comikaze. This is our third trek to this event, but this was the first time we’d dressed up. Continue reading

Guest post!! ~ Commercial Lines: Cramping TARDIS Cosplay Style

13 Oct

Those of you who have been around since the beginning of the site know all about our pal, Charity. Well… she has graced us with a guest post!


As a long-time nerdy convention attendee, I have a lot of respect for cosplayers that make their own costumes.  The time, energy, and creativity often spent on their craft can yield some pretty amazing creations.  While I mostly observe and appreciate cosplay, I’ve had some recent fun dressing up for conventions the last couple years – mostly coinciding with my Halloween costume choices.  I certainly don’t exist anywhere near the ranks of elaborate costuming, tailoring, and concept design and know-how that can often go into cosplaying, but I think it’s important to have fun with it all.  Continue reading

Guest Post ~~ Bringing up baby, the geek mom way.

22 Aug

The Guest Post this time comes from a NerdLush fan and friend, Jackie- she tells of raising a baby in a world of geek.

Right now, the current trend is that Geek is Chic. My daughter is only 7 months old, and I kind of hope that this trend has died down before she’s too grown up. It’s not that I don’t want my daughter to embrace geekdom, but I want her to embrace it because she truly is a geek and enjoys something so much that it overwhelms and inspires her. I don’t want her to be a geek because it’s the “in” thing to do. I’ve decided that in order for my daughter to truly embrace being a geek she needs to be exposed to everything so she can decide what it is that she truly loves as she grows up. I don’t think it’s too early to start exposing her to things. I actually now is the perfect time to start. She’s a blank slate, adventurous and open to anything and everything that comes her way. It might be a strange way to describe a 7 month old, but if you could meet her, you would understand. My daughter is very alert, she watches everything and everyone. I’m pretty sure she’s just filing all the information she’s gathering away in her mind for future use, probably against me somehow. Continue reading

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