Yuri’s Night! Epic SPAAAAAACE Party Brings Out The Scientist In Us All!

13 Apr

Last year, I was wandering around Twitter on April 12th and noticed that a lot of people that I loved/followed were all attending a party for “Yuri’s Night”. So I said to myself, “self… what is this Yuri’s Night thing and why am I not at this party?” Oh, I looked- it was completely sold out at that point; so I bookmarked it as something to look at for this year. And then I googled the event and it’s meaning.

Yuri’s Night is an annual worldwide party to celebrate Yuri Gagarin’s first flight into space–as well as to promote space exploration. This is essentially the “birth of human spaceflight”, or a major turning point for mankind. Whether you have an interest in space or not… NASA and the other sapace agencies have made major contributions to to science and to better our basic life. You like velcro, right? Well… there ya go.

an epic place to have a shindig

an epic place to have a shindig

So it’s a party to celebrate achievement and space. It is held all around the world, on or around April 12th- bookmark this page to help find a party in your area (or to advertise one if you decide to start your own). The Los Angeles area party was held at the California Science Center, under the shuttle, Endeavour. The space (and the shuttle, as well), is worth a visit- no doubt!- but it’s the perfect space to throw a party.

With a photo booth, DJ, speakers, alcohol, and masses of space/science nerds in attendance (many in some sort of costume), it was a very fun evening. My only gripe is that we had the VIP tickets so that we could experience the entire evening and one of the pieces on that level was supposed to be “snacks”. Look… I’m not looking

admit it- no nerd party is complete without glowsticks

admit it- no nerd party is complete without glowsticks

for or expecting a 5 course meal, but when the ticket level says there’ll be snacks, I expect at least a bowl of peanuts! There was nothing. We wandered the VIP area, along with the entire room, multiple times to no avail. I would definitely go to the party again, but I will eat more before hand so as not to have to escape before the end of the event in order to run to Denny’s for grub. Tasty drinks, tons of fun people watching, giant shuttle craft sitting right above my head… seriously could not ask for a more fun party.

IMG_20140411_202117For the record, NerdLush friend Charity and I attended- dressed as AU Browncoats… if we’d won the war!

More photos in the facebook album

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