The NerdLush Cosplay Rules, an update.

4 Nov

Last year, I published my rules for cosplaying via a post for Action Flick Chick. Since the basic rules became known, I’ve been thinking about additions. But until the other day, I hadn’t figured out what the next set of rules were. Well… this weekend, Emily and I (though D2 and Catie were also in attendance) attended Stan Lee’s Comikaze. This is our third trek to this event, but this was the first time we’d dressed up.

Emily was “Old Gregg” from The Mighty Boosh. If you don’t know what/who that is… just do a youtube search. We’d made a bet before arriving about how many people would know who she was. I said 2. She said 5. Before we were even inside the convention hall, the count was 4 recognizers. I gave up counting how many times we got stopped so people could take a picture of or with her.

I was just in a “Day of the Dead” outfit, complete with sugar skull stylized makeup. I was the pretty one- she was the popular one.

our Comikaze cosplays- Old Gregg and me.

our Comikaze cosplays- Old Gregg and me.

In addition to the four commonly known NerdLush Cosplay Rules, the new additions are-

  • Plan ahead regarding food and drink. Are you planning an outfit with full face makeup? Then you need to figure out how to eat and drink without ruining your makeup. Straws are good. Also, maybe bring food from home instead of hoping the convention will have something more than oily pizza and hot dogs.
  • Bring your makeup and supplies with you. Even if you aren’t planning an elaborate makeup job or to have every little bit of your face covered, chances are you’re going to have an itch or accidentally rub your face or even get sweaty and it’ll run. So if you have the basic supplies you can easily do a quick touch-up. Also very helpful for after eating or drinking 😉
  • Commit. I don’t care if you wearing a halloween from the store or something you’ve spent the last year working on… commit to it. The only reason not to commit is if you are merely wearing a T-shirt representing a character or costume. That’s not cosplaying; that’s being a fanboy (fangirl). If the word cosplay comes out of your mouth in regards to what you are wearing, then you need to commit. If you hair isn’t right either fix it (saw someone who’d shaved his head for a Breaking Bad cosplay- commitment!) or get a wig. Don’t half ass your cosplay. It just makes people sad.

And finally-

  • Apparently obscure cosplays make people happy. You don’t have to be mainstream. You can cosplay something that you think is super random and apparently many other people will both know who you are and love you for putting in the effort. Nerd Power!

I am sure I will come up with more rules… so keep an eye out for future additions! While I’m at it- any rule ideas you think I should add?

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