CosPlay by the Rules!

23 Apr

So… years ago I was at SDCC with my brother and while waiting in line for a panel (the big line, for Ballroom 20) we started discussing the people CosPlaying that walked by. This conversation led to my Rules for CosPlaying. I’ve fine tuned them since then and after my recent visit to WonderCon 2012, I wrote them up for AFC. 🙂 (AFC has a bigger audience so it was the better choice for posting, in case you were wondering why the original post is there and not here). In any case- it’s a humorous read, but I am very serious about every point I make. And if you CosPlay, or know someone who does, or even if you just like to dress up for Halloween, these rules may save your day! Check it out- leave comments!

8 Responses to “CosPlay by the Rules!”

  1. Em April 23, 2012 at 10:58 am #

    I agree completely with this article… but if your costume is aiming to be historically accurate, (ie, pirate with corset) sometimes you need to be able to give up some luxuries (like sitting and breathing) for your art. However, if you’re going to wear a corset, one must learn how to properly display their mammary glands for maximum appeal, not maximum boobage.

    That being said… I gotta say, I do love seeing a plus-size super hero. I give applause to those brave souls who said “yes, I’m a size twenty and I am wearing the Wonder Woman star-spangled panties.” because let’s face it, most comic book heros and anime figures are impossibly drawn and those women at the cons who look jaw-droppingly awesome were probably paid to be there. I have far more distaste for paid booth-babes than I do bad cosplayers.

    • elizabeth ann April 23, 2012 at 11:02 am #

      Yes, yes, and yes! However, if you are wearing something like a corset that constricts the sitting etc, than that is something you do have to consider- for instance, you wouldn’t want to wear that on a day you plan to sit in on panels because you can’t sit. You’d want to wear that on a day you plan to be walking the dealer room or whatever. Right? Plan the space cowboy costume for panel day. 😉 And definitely want to make sure you display the goods appropriately- appeal is better than just presenting boob.


  1. FanGirl Squee… Convention season is upon us! « NerdLush - May 19, 2012

    […] Moved back to California in 2008 and got my first chance to attend SDCC that summer when Evil Squirrel Comics sent my brother and I. My brother had been going off and on for the previous decade or so but the boys (he occasionally went with a friend of ours) never took us younger siblings. It was amazing. And HUGE. And I was glad to have my brother with me. So many people in attendance- it would be scary to be there alone. In previous years, he’d stuck mainly to the dealer floor in the exhibition hall and not attended panels but we had the whole weekend and so after making our game plan, we achieved many panels as well as thorough viewing of the dealer room. I learned so much that weekend- first and foremost being use a backpack and NOT a messenger bag. I now own an awesome “browncoats” backpack. Secondly, pack snacks that can sustain you throughout the day, and water. SDCC convention food is edible but the lines to get will kill you. And it is expensive. If you can carry a sandwich, do it. (Action Chick recently was asked for tips for attending a con and I shared that last one). Also… comfortable shoes. You’d think this would be a no-brainer but… you would not believe how many people fail to think about how much time they’ll spend on their feet or walking on crappy floors. This was the basis for one of my CosPlay Rules. […]

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    […] and as a sidenote, there’s a new shirt available in the NerdLush store. Based on the CosPlay Rules that I wrote, this shirt both shows your fandom of NerdLush and helps you help others CosPlay correctly […]

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    […] about their feet or being uncomfortable- which led to snarky comments from us about their not having read the rules. There were some really good costumes though. Not sure I was fast enough with the photos for all of […]

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    […] personal favorite was from Up, however after complementing the man we discovered he’d broken the NerdLush cosplay rules as he was unable to sit, wasn’t really comfortable, and someone else had carry his things. Still […]

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