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Um… yeah, that’s my TARDIS

30 Mar

So… You know how people name their cars? In my time as a car owner/driver, Continue reading

Nerd Fail

29 Mar

I wanted to write a brief post about the guy we saw at Crazy Girls last night that was missing only the pocket protector from his classic nerd ensemble, but I’ve realized that the post would be catty and that it might appear that I was some sort of “-ist”. I’m not. I was highly amused by the gentleman’s attire. And his whole demeanor in the venue. So I can’t make a quippy post about it. Instead… I share my failures as a fellow nerd. 😦

In my defense though… I had my awesome Serenity sweatshirt on because it was COLD in the strip club last night. brrrrr!

Nerdsplosion! episode 1

28 Mar

I mentioned in an earlier post that sometimes I get to contribute to Action Flick Chick’s site. Continue reading

Equality in my comics!

26 Mar

Last fall, I got inspired by a conversation with a friend to rant on PL about the inequality of costumes in comic books. Continue reading

FanGirl Squee

24 Mar

I have a standard page on this blog, FanGirl Moments of Squee- People I have met that is updated whenever I meet someone new. Continue reading

Comic book geek girl… sort of

22 Mar

This is the part of the tale where I tell you I am a comic geek. Except… Continue reading

Confessions of a boxed wine Diva

21 Mar

So… why the eff did I need to create another blog site? Continue reading

Coming soon!

19 Mar

Because I can apparently never have too many blogs… this my new home for nerd fun and geekery. It is still under construction, so please pop by again soon. 🙂

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