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See Ya Later, 2016! Don’t Let The Door Hit Ya!

31 Dec

Greeting and salutations from all of us at NerdLush! Warm wishes for a happy and safe New Year! And may 2017 be a HUGE improvement! Continue reading

Can I bend your ear for a tick? I have something to say about “communication”

12 Oct

It might just be me- perhaps the recipients really enjoy these comments- but when I go to like or comment on an Instagram pic or facebook post for a celebrity I follow and see comments like below it really disturbs me. Almost scares me.

post5 Continue reading

Ghost in the Machine… glitches overrun- is it Skynet?

14 Sep

The other day I spent 2 hours on hold with Best Buy because their system decided that the two items I had pre-ordered needed to be shipped separately to different addresses. Excuse me? It took the nice lady 2 minutes to fix the issue.

She said it was a glitch in their updated system.  Continue reading

Feisty Uber Fans still scare me

2 Dec

Last year… or maybe it was earlier this year?- whatever. PreviouslyI have written about uber fans and how they frighten me because of their obsession with their fandom. Well… I’ve found another group that make fans look bad.

Those who constantly request (read- BEG) celebs to follow them. Continue reading

Let’s talk about SPOILERS!!!

24 May

No, seriously, I want to talk about spoilers.

I haven’t made it to see Star Trek Into Darkness yet. Nor have I watched any of the last 2 years of Doctor Who. However, due to people not grasping what a spoiler is… I know details that I shouldn’t.

So what is a spoiler? Continue reading

My Fear of the Uber Fan

18 Apr

Today I need to share about my fear of Uber Fans.

Well, NEED is probably too strong a word, but… I’ve been thinking about the topic for a wee bit and today seemed like the day to write about it. Continue reading

Random off schedule post because… it’s a T-rex.

21 Feb

So, apparently Primeval: New World (a current obsession of mine, obviously) had the plug pulled this morning. And via twitter and Facebook, I’ve been participating in the posts to save it- it’s a fun show! And sometime earlier today, I RT’ed or “liked” the following pic…  Continue reading

My Own Personal Hipsterhood

21 Aug

I just got back from the Hipsterhood Webseries launch BBQ in Silverlake and my world just got shattered…. I came in second place at the hipster contest.

Continue reading

Beat the heat?

19 Aug

For some unknown reason I opted to spend last week in central California. Which is basically a desert- with farming. But reaches temps over 100* all summer. I ran out of the LA because it was in the high 80s/low 90s and basically unlivable. So I ran home… to 109*. I am an idiot. Continue reading

Where’s the science?, take 2

16 Jul

A few weeks ago I was inspired by conversations with friends and the constant rumblings in my head to write a post asking where the science in my science fiction was. The response was great! And essentially it came down to the audience, money, and storytelling. Which is to say that most audiences don’t care if there’s sound in space (people actually complained when Whedon’s Serenity was silent in space!), money issues say that production needs to move faster and thus not focus on reality but instead- tell the story. And on that note, the story may use some realism but to be completely realistic may slow the story or add too much depth/bulk when it’s better for the story to use quick basics.

It makes me sad, but I understand. I just think that sometimes a bit more realistic science would be nice. Continue reading

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