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How to Kill Father Christmas!

22 Dec

Our friends off in the UK are at it again and we are here to share this… treasure with you!  Continue reading

If I can just have 5 minutes of your time ~ Last Girl Standing

18 Sep

It’s a busy week around here, but we want to take a moment to share about a new web series. If you remember, last year we ran a little piece on Nights at the Round Table– a little series that made us giggle. Well, the creators have a new series to share and we’ve got the low-down… straight from the boss’ mouths!

Last-Girl-Promo Continue reading

Highlights of 2013, a NerdLush year in review

13 Jan

Many thanks to Emily for starting the year off with a drunk year in review. Made me laugh. But I’m poking my head in now with a slightly more serious look back at 2013 and where it took NerdLush. As well as some of the favorites, as voted on by fans. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Something New~ Nights At The Round Table

15 Jun
KNights At The Round Table

Nights At The Round Table

Dee2 here…

You know after the opening shot and the old school game theme music that you’re in for a treat. Think “The Guild” mixed with a little “I.T. Crowd”. I think they’re onto something here. The acting is pretty good and the characters memorable and funny without trying too hard.
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If I can just have 5 minutes of your time ~ Shelf Life

1 Jun

So… I was trying to figure out which web series to talk about for this post and then it hit me in the face that while we promote Shelf Life on the twitter and facebook pages, and we’ve done interviews, we have never made a post simply about the show. Well, season 4 just finished “airing” the other day, so this is the perfect time, right? I agree.

Shelf Life!

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If I can just have 5 minutes of your time ~ SUPER KNOCKED UP

13 Mar

Here’s another new-ish webseries post… This time it’s a bit of light hearted hero story. Unlike last time

Super Knocked Up 1

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NerdLush Asks~ You really aren’t supposed to stick firecrackers on G. I. Joe

5 Mar

Last year, I had the great fun of doing an interview for Action Flick Chick in preparation for their season 3 release, as well as their IndieGoGo campaign for season 4. And since then, we at NerdLush have stayed in touch with the lovely Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal… which gave us the opportunity to snag a quick interview with the duo on the eve of Shelf Life, the series, season 4. Let’s see what’s new with our fav tiny superheroes-

Shelf Life! Continue reading

Madden Girl: An Anti-Bullying Web Series REVIEW

3 Mar

There is nothing quite like LA traffic to make a person question whether or not their destination is worth all the trouble. I contemplated that Saturday as I sat in the parking lot known as the 101 North at 1:30pm. I was on my way to the premier of the new web series, Madden Girl. Created and starring Britt Elexandria, Madden Girl is a comedy about an overweight high-schooler constantly being bullied not only by classmates, but also by family about her weight. Besides just being a comedy, it was created in part as an anti-bullying campaign. Since it is a show and not a 30 second PSA or a one page article, the show has the ability to really delve into ways of dealing with bullying and how important it is to stand up for yourself and your friends. Continue reading

If I Can Just Have 5 Minutes Of Your Time ~~ Girl Number 9

19 Feb

I’m back with another look at an older web series. This one is a wee bit different- it was essentially a film that was broken up into episodic pieces. Thus there is and will be no season 2 etc. But that doesn’t keep me from wanting to share.

Back in 2009 rumors and information hit the ‘net that Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood) was going to be starring in a dark and twisted new web series. I was in love with it just from knowing that tiny bit. When Girl Number 9 began airing… it was almost too dark to watch alone. Utterly fantastic.

girl number 9

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This Didn’t Count: a review of the new web series WALK OF SHAME

15 Feb

The awkward morning after a one night stand can be one of the more uncomfortable experiences we experience during our crazy college and post college days. Most of us have at least one cringe worthy story, or at the very least can tell a story of a roommate or Frat brother who tried to sneak out of the bedroom of someone who’s name they can’t even remember.

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