If I can just have 5 minutes of your time ~ Last Girl Standing

18 Sep

It’s a busy week around here, but we want to take a moment to share about a new web series. If you remember, last year we ran a little piece on Nights at the Round Table– a little series that made us giggle. Well, the creators have a new series to share and we’ve got the low-down… straight from the boss’ mouths!


LGS is an 8 part romcom beat ‘em up!
Sam Chambers sees 30 looming and isn’t afraid. She has all of her friends around her ready to party. What do you mean they’re busy? Work in the morning? No babysitter? Mortgage to worry about? Nobody… is coming to the pub again?! Faced with the prospect of sitting alone in the bar each night, Sam decides to destroy all the boring / happy relationships around her over a drunken weekend of madness… in a world where you just aren’t allowed to say no to a good fight.
Words from the writer.
The original script was “Last Man Standing”, but I stepped back from it and thought “I’ve seen all this before.” The dialogue is a little blue, a bit crude in places and I’ve seen Seth Rogen and James Franco have this conversation onscreen before. What I haven’t seen is a romcom like this, with female leads who get to swear like sailors. It’s interesting, as when Rogen and Franco sit on a sofa and talk the walls blue nobody cares. Even the script got a bit of a “you can’t say that” reaction which if anything fuelled my interest in it more. Why can’t female characters swear, talk frankly about sex and get into fights over stolen scarfs.
Don’t get me wrong, there’s no great message behind it! I just wanted to make a romcom that features interesting women who don’t talk about Mark Ruffaloesque men, and show LGBT characters who weren’t spat out of a 1960s farce or wear scarves tossed casually over their shoulders. The relationship between Ellie and Sam is based on a relationship between myself and my best friend from school. He came out to me when we were young, and I did nothing but ask loads of pretty invasive questions such as “how does THAT work” and “where do you put that BIT?” He shared many a tale over a beer where we’d talk fairly openly about The Rude Stuff, and be equally shocked and entertained at what the other half got upto in the bedroom. Smash that into my love of retro gaming, and Last Girl Standing was born.
The first episode is in the DailyMotion web pilot contest. If we win, we’ll get to make the full series. £2500 will go a long way on a project like this, and whereas we can normally make £50 stretch a mile… in this case we genuinely need that budget. If we don’t win, we’ll look elsewhere but this is the most immediate and fantastic opportunity to make something with some money involved for the first time.

What do you think?

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