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Guest Post!!!~ Half Shells not as Half Bay-ked as You Might Think

31 Aug

Our pal  Marc is back with another guest post! Marc watches a lot of movies and reviews them on all while defying the conventions of what a “movie critic” is typically supposed to be.


tmnt poster

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an iconic comic book franchise that rose to prominence in the 80’s thanks to cartoons, toys, and movies and now, the “Heroes in a Half Shell” are back in a rebooted adventure that re-imagines and reinvigorates this classic kid friendly adventure. Megan Fox, Will Arnett, William Fichtner, and Whoopi Goldberg star in the movie which was directed by Jonathan Liebesman. Continue reading

SMALLVILLE Minicaps / Season 9, Eps. 9-11

29 Aug
The Smallville season 9 minicaps are still waiting for their JSA application to go through.

The Smallville season 9 minicaps are still waiting for their JSA application to go through.

Stewart here…

So, we found out quite a bit about Zod and those Kandorians now on Earth, thanks to surprising return of Jor-El.  Well, they are all clones (Jor-El included) that Jor-El and Zod helped make in case Krypton met disaster.  Things didn’t go well for the two prior to that, and Zod harbors a serious hate for Jor-El.  However, clone Jor-El gets killed, before Zod can find out about some book he’s hidden on Earth.  And Clark, who is still navigating trying to start a relationship with Lois (who is having more potent flashes of the future), is debating the last words clone Jor-El passed on to him: “Save Zod”.  Ummm, wanna read on and see how that goes?    Continue reading

Once a theatre nerd, always a theatre nerd

27 Aug

Recently, I went with my family for an evening at the local amateur theatre. We have been attending shows at this company for over *cough* 30 *cough* years, so I’m not going to lie- but my brother and I are a little opinionated about shows now. In particular… the pre-show.

But that’s a post for another time.  Continue reading

Do I hear a waltz? Track 4

25 Aug

It’s been quite a while since a post focused only music but as the topic of this post has been one of the top albums for several weeks, it’s about time we came back to this series. James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy has spawned a huge following- just this weekend it officially became the highest grossing film of the summer in the US- and at least a tiny part of that has to be attributed to the amazingly fun soundtrack, the Awesome Mix Vol. 1Continue reading

Random MARVEL related thought for the day

23 Aug

I was stressing about coming up for a post for today and thus asked my brother for a topic idea. He reminded me that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has made a big philosophical change from season 1 to 2 as they had originally talked about distancing the show from known Marvel characters. We can see from announced casting spoilers, this isn’t true for season 2. Continue reading

SMALLVILLE Minicaps / Season 9, Eps. 5-8

21 Aug
Smallville season 9 minicaps have no plans for any Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog cameos this installment...or EVER.

Smallville season 9 minicaps have no plans for any Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog cameos this installment…or EVER.

Stewart here…

Last time, Clark’s attempt to be a full-time hero hit some big snags.  One is the arrival of Zod and his Kandorian army, not as powerful as Clark, and still under the kryptonian’s radar.  Another is the return of Lois from where or whenever she’s been, and the nightmarish visions she’s having.  And then there’s Oliver, who’s been in a bit of a downward spiral of late that seems to be getting worse.  Plus, now that Chloe is in charge of Watchtower, she’s been getting really secretive and kind of manipulative.  And Tess is trying to figure out what Zod is up to, along with watching Clark.  So, that’s everything, I think.  I mentioned the person appearing in a landing site marked with the House of El crest, right?  Oh.  Well let’s get to that, then… Continue reading

My Summer Viewing (so far…)

19 Aug

Stewart here…

Look, I expected to have a good amount of time this summer to do a few things, like prep for recapping the next season of Arrow and possibly The Flash for NerdLush this fall, getting caught up on my Smallville minicaps (seriously, I fell way behind thanks to season 7), catch up on shows I have in my back catalogue (I would take this time to discuss watching all of Banshee, but really, that’s NOT for this site)…BUT NOOOOOOO!  There’s got to be some good programming put out during this time.  Anyway, here’s some of my favorite new shows I’ve checked out over the summer (along with some brief criticism): Continue reading

Pondering a cosplay question- does not compute

17 Aug

I started a training this week for the job I am doing for the next year. One of the topics related to proper dress attire- should be common sense stuff,right? Especially since I am working at a prison. But apparently my institution is fairly lax and there are a lot of questionable things that have been worn inside…

The basic thing is don’t wear the same color as the inmates. And, ladies, remember that men are looking at you as though you are a piece of meat. And they are starving.

Pretty simple, right?

But it got me thinking about cosplay again- something that’s been happening a lot since I started this site. Continue reading

SMALLVILLE Minicaps / Season 9, Eps. 1-4

15 Aug
The Smallville season 9 minicaps has been brought to you by the color black.

The Smallville season 9 minicaps has been brought to you by the color black.

Stewart here…

Last season, the whole Davis Bloome/Doomsday storyline ended with both man and monster separated, and yet, both of them meeting quick demises.  But Clark and company still faced a lot of grief over what happened, like Jimmy’s death, Clark and Oliver turning against each other in deciding Davis’s fate, and Clark deciding to ditch being Clark Kent to be a full-time superhero.  On the other end, Lois vanished into what we assume is the future, and Tess has heralded the arrival of Zod to Earth.  So where do we start up this season? Continue reading

Take a seat- I have something to say about mental illness

13 Aug

You will have bad times, but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren’t paying attention to. ~ Robin Williams

I’m going off book today. I try to keep my real life and NerdLush separate but I think today it’s okay…

Earlier this week we lost a comedic treasure. Robin Williams had been a force of nature throughout my life. I can remember watching Mork & Mindy when I was a wee little one.

Robin Williams 1951-2014

Continue reading

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