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13 Dec

Welcome to the first of our special Recap Round-Ups on Crisis on Infinite Earths! There’s gonna be a lot of ground to cover, lots of team ups, lots of cameos, lots of surprises, and lots of deaths to cover for this one (making up the first three parts of this epic crossover), so let’s just get the basics out of the way. For the last year or so, we’ve had appearances by an alien being known as The Monitor, warning our heroes of a threat so immense it could destroy all of the multiverse! And now, things have lined up where that threat has come.

In the build-up, the Monitor recruited Oliver Queen and his friends (even bringing his grown children, Mia and William, from the future into the present) to prepare for the eventual multidimensional fight. Barry Allen has been living with the spectre of knowing The Flash will die because of this Crisis, and been preparing for that eventuality. And now, one of the Harrison Wells of the multiverse, Nash, may have just released said threat from its prison by accident! So, now the Crisis has begun! Continue reading

Heroes and Villains invaded San Jose for another year of adventuring!

10 Dec

For our 3rd year, we ventured over the hill from the Central Valley to hang out with some heroes and villains, and zombies too!, in San Jose. This was sort of a last minute venture due to availability issues with minions, but in the end we made plans and set out to see what there was to see.

As I write up the event and my thoughts, I am starting to think there should be classes on convention etiquette because there were several moments that were frustrating. However, there were also a lot of really good things. Did it balance out? I’m not sure… let’s talk about some of the highlights and issues and see. Continue reading

Fandemic Tour- Sacramento, a first stop of fun

16 Jul

Recently, we had the pleasure of checking out the first stop on the Fandemic Tour, with a quick trip up to Sacramento to help inaugurate a new convention. Overall, it was quite an enjoyable convention and it is recommended to check out if a stop happens to be near you. Though as it was the first event, there are a few things that could be improved. We’ll touch on the good and bad in a bit. Continue reading

Dusting Off The Shelf: Letter D

25 Jan

For the fourth installment I chose Draft Day. This movie has been sitting on my shelf, in my “to be watched” pile since it’s release. But much like the “to be read” pile beside my bed, that pile just keeps getting higher and higher and this one keeps getting further from the top.

draft-day-movie Continue reading

Supergirl season 1… I believe a girl can fly!

27 Aug

Not gonna lie- I started watching Supergirl when it premiered and after a few weeks it went to the DVR back burner… not because it wasn’t fun but it conflicted with another show and I’m lazy. But with the recent release of season 1 on DVD I’ve been binging.


And it has been a most pleasant binge. Continue reading

Happy Holidays from NerdLush!

24 Dec

Once again, our own D2, has created a holiday card from all of us to all of you. Can you name all the references and adventures?

Nerdlush 2014

Smallville Minicaps / Season 10, Series Finale and Season Ten Highlights

14 Nov
The Smallville season 10 minicaps wishes you a fond farewell...and okay, NOW you can cue the theme music!

The Smallville season 10 minicaps wishes you a fond farewell…and okay, NOW you can cue the theme music!

Stewart here…

Ten seasons have boiled down to this. The threat of Darkseid is looming closer than anyone can suspect, the alt reality Lionel is still running around, Ollie is under the influence of Darkseid’s prophets of doom, and after a almost fatal incident, Lois has gotten cold feet about the wedding to Clark. A lot is going to happen to before its over, along with a few deaths and a rebirth, but most importantly, it’s time for Clark Kent to live up to his destiny and fight the darkness. Go get ’em, Clark. Continue reading

Smallville Minicaps / Season 10, Eps. 17-20

5 Nov
The Smallville season 10 minicaps did send you the wedding invite, right?

The Smallville season 10 minicaps did send you the wedding invite, right?

Stewart here…

So here’s what you need to know: with the VRA repealed, our heroes can come out of hiding and start dealing with the big issues again. For Clark, it’s time to time to tie up some things before he gets married to Lois, like getting that Lex clone Conner set on a heroic path. There’s also the unexpected surprises, like Oliver and Chloe’s accidentally getting married (but its all good) and a parallel reality Lionel Luthor (where Clark was his prodigal son) briefly taking over his company. But there’s still more on the horizon to worry about, like Darkseid bringing evil to the world, Ollie being an unknowing agent of Darkseid, and Clark figuring out how to be out in the public as a hero while maintaining a secret identity. We got a lot to take care of before this series ends, don’t we? Continue reading

Smallville Minicaps / Season 10, Eps. 13-16

28 Oct
The Smallville season 10 minicaps wants to remind you to vote to repeal the VRA.

The Smallville season 10 minicaps wants to remind you to vote to repeal the VRA.

Stewart here…

Great news, everyone! Clark and Lois are engaged! And Chloe’s back! This was pretty much the only good news from the last time we left our gang. The VRA cracked down on heroes, the heroes went into hiding, Hawkman was killed, clone Lex escaped, and now a Lionel Luthor from a mirror universe has arrived. And oh yeah, a great darkness is coming, people have Omega symbols on their skull, yadda yadda yadda. So, let’s get back to it… Continue reading

Smallville Minicaps / Season 10, Eps. 9-12

24 Oct
The Smallville season 10 minicaps is not a sponsor of the VRA...and proud of it!

The Smallville season 10 minicaps is not a sponsor of the VRA…and proud of it!

Stewart here…

Clark Kent is a busy man these days, and that’s before he reveals to Lois his secret and discovering she already knew! There’s that great evil coming, an anti-vigilante bill, dealing with the in-laws, and maybe, just maybe, a marriage proposal? And don’t forget the in hiding Chloe, Tess hiding a going crazy Lex clone, and Tess discovering she’s Lionel’s orphaned daughter! Whew. Lot of stuff for Clark to do in this round of minicaps… Continue reading

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