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Happy Holidays from NerdLush!

24 Dec

Once again, our own D2, has created a holiday card from all of us to all of you. Can you name all the references and adventures?

Nerdlush 2014

Star-Crossed! Episode 12!!

5 May

Howdy Folks! It’s your resident Emily and I’m once again here to jump up and down and wave my arms wildly that you should be watching Star-Crossed!

This week’s episode, “This Trick May Chance to Scathe You”, is the penultimate episode of the season and SO MUCH STUFF HAPPENS, I can’t even begin to explain it! Continue reading

Star-Crossed, Episode 3: Our Toil Shall Strive To Mend

2 Mar

It’s Emily again! Have you been watching Star-Crossed on the CW? If you haven’t yet watched the pilot, it’s still available (for free!) on Hulu!

As I said before, this project is personal to me and I’m so thrilled to be able to share it with y’all and this week, on Monday night at 8pm, you’ll get to watch *my* first episode of Star-Crossed, “Our Toil Shall Strive To Mend.” Continue reading


17 Feb

Howdy folks, it’s Emily. Well, it’s a bit late to be posting now since the live tweet of the east coast feed of Star-Crossed is well under way, however if you’re on the Pacific side of things, in TWO HOURS you can be watching Star-Crossed! Why do you ask? Because a) I worked on it and spent half of last year on it, b) It’s a sci-fi show! My spin: it’s District 9 but instead of ugly prawns it’s unbelievable beautiful people with tattoo-like markings that go to high school! Also for added flavor, a Romeo and Juliet type storyline between an alien boy and alien girl- dun dun DUN! It has everything! Sci-Fi! Action! Romance! I’ll even say it’s a throw back a little to the good ol’ Roswell days- but all in all, it’s a solid sci-fi show that I’m proud to have been a part of!

Not that I'm biased, but episodes 3, 6, 9, and 12 are the best :)

Be sure to tune in TONIGHT on the CW at 8pm (or on Hulu tomorrow! And if sci-fi isn’t your jam, check out Someone Marry Barry on Amazon, iTunes, or VOD- another film I worked on that just came out last week to all digital venues.)

Drunk Year in Review

1 Jan


Eliz to the beth  just posted that someone should write an end of year something and I said that I could do it while drunk and SHE said DO IT so here I am after a litre of cider, some cake vodka shots, and half a bottle of expired sangria. I haven’t had much alcohol since starting my ketogenic diet, so I have like zero tolerance now. Which is pretty sad but cost effective, I guess.

So the year in review! I’m probably the least liely person to do this because a) I have the memory of a goldfish and b) I rarely get out to do things but whatever. I’m here so let’s go! Continue reading

Yes, I am easily amused. But this is damn entertaining. And AWESOME.

8 Dec

Yes, I’ve been slacking on this but in my defense… I’ve been busy. Below find the hilarious video of NerdLush’s own Emily performing the one woman show of Les Miz at the NerdLush Halloween Extravaganza 2013. This seems to be the closing number for our karaoke parties. I’m OK with that.

Giving Thanks

28 Nov

Today in the United States is a day set aside as a day to give thanks and be with family and friends. As I firmly believe you should be thankful everyday, I prefer to take Thanksgiving as a time spent with family. However, I wanted to take a few minutes to make a list of some of the many things I am thankful for-


*I am thankful for each member of the NerdLush crew and all the life they bring to this site. Continue reading

Geek Into Shape – The D word.

6 Nov

The main thing I’ve heard over and over again throughout the years of my own personal battle has been the simple equation of:

Energy In = Energy Out (+ Body Stores)

So if you eat more food than you need, you’re gonna gain weight. Eat less, lose weight. Do more activity, lose weight, etc. What that simple phrase doesn’t tell you however is that energy expenditure means increase of appetite (well, it does for me—again EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT!) and emotional food triggers (for me: stress!) equals a damn hard time of keeping that simple equation throughout the day. Plus add an over abundance of pre-packed food designed to be extra delicious with added fat and sugar, convenient delivery or drive through food sources for the busy lifestyle, and the siren call of television, computer games, and the internet- it’s no wonder that a majority of us are fighting the bulge. Continue reading

GEEK INTO SHAPE: The problem with desk jobs.

19 Sep

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a desk job. It’s a very demanding job with a ton of hours- lots of overtime, weekends, you name it. I work so much that it’s customary with my job to have a person who brings me lunch to my desk so I don’t have to take the time to get up and go to the kitchen. It’s not healthy. While there isn’t much I can do about the hours, I can do something about the sitting. Continue reading

Geek Into Shape!

13 Sep

Howdy Lushites!

I’m sad to report to the world’s male population that I’ve officially been taken off The Market and have accepted the marriage proposal of my male suitor. Excuse me for one moment while I squee:



This means a couple of things: Continue reading

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