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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

12 Dec

Weather has finally arrived on the west coast, with rain and wind (and probably snow for those living in higher elevations) battering the state. It’s the perfect day to stay bundled on the couch and watch movies. Or marathon a TV show. Whichever floats your boat.

But what to watch? Continue reading

Guest Post!!!~ Oreo.. Oreo.. How tasty art though, Oreo?

2 Sep

Today a new guest poster joins NerdLush, Madame Laura! In her own words- “I worked for several years at an environmental laboratory but am currently a stay-at-home mom of 2. My all-time favorite geeky TV series are the X-Files and anything Star Trek from TNG onward. I am a long-time World of Warcraft player and have made many awesome friends through the game, and enjoy other Blizzard games as well. And my very favorite Nintendo character is Yoshi.” Welcome, Laura!


So, a confession..  I’ve developed a weird thing.  A thing about OREOS.  Oreo has come up with tons of limited-edition flavors over time, and I am apparently their target audience.. I see a new package, and I have to buy it.  Those marketing people know how to get me, and these special flavors seem to be popping onto store shelves more and more frequently in recent months.  My friends have noticed this phenomenon through my numerous Facebook pictures and posts, and I have been requested to share my opinions of these oddities.  I am going to go one geeky step further for NerdLush, and make recommendations on which of my favorite tabletop games would be the best side dish to accompany each unique flavor.

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Nerd Adventures- Solvang, take 2

16 Mar

In NerdLush’s first year, Emily and I took a day trip from LA and ran over to Solvang for some entertainment. It was quite a lovely day of fun and silliness.  Continue reading

Nerd Adventures- San Diego on a dime!

31 Jan

I’ve had to run around southern California a lot recently and I’ve been trying to do so at the best travel times as possible- to decrease stress levels, of course. But yesterday I had to run down to San Diego (around 120 or so miles from my place) and had to be there at a specific time… which meant that if I didn’t do it right, I’d hit traffic and go nuts.  Continue reading

Cooking with NerdLush

7 Jan

I would really like to do more crazy things in the kitchen. I tend to experiment, but only with very basic ingredients and simple basic recipes. In an effort to be more creative this year, I have begun searching for random fun and nerdy ideas. Now to get together with some friends and actually make some of these!

Actually I think that the next NerdLush shindig should be a picnic or something where everyone contributes a crazy dish. That would be awesome.  Continue reading

Geek Into Shape!

13 Sep

Howdy Lushites!

I’m sad to report to the world’s male population that I’ve officially been taken off The Market and have accepted the marriage proposal of my male suitor. Excuse me for one moment while I squee:



This means a couple of things: Continue reading

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