Cooking with NerdLush

7 Jan

I would really like to do more crazy things in the kitchen. I tend to experiment, but only with very basic ingredients and simple basic recipes. In an effort to be more creative this year, I have begun searching for random fun and nerdy ideas. Now to get together with some friends and actually make some of these!

Actually I think that the next NerdLush shindig should be a picnic or something where everyone contributes a crazy dish. That would be awesome. 

But before we can get around to planning that party adventure, here’s a list of some of the crazy things (and not so crazy) that I’ve bookmarked recently.

OK… and now I’m hungry. The leftovers in my fridge are not likely to be fulfilling when I am now craving this mac and cheetos pie… or the waffle sliders. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

Based on the name of the site, I think I need to make one of these lists for some adult beverages.

Who wants to get together for some crazy food? I am in the mood for bacon.

What do you think?

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