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Guest Post!! ~ All Star Cast Pieces Together Lego Movie Magic

28 Feb

Our pal  Marc is back with another guest post! Marc watches a lot of movies and reviews them on all while defying the conventions of what a “movie critic” is typically supposed to be.


Warner Brothers and Village Roadshow Pictures have joined forces with the Lego Company to produce a movie featuring their iconic products. This animated 3D movie features the voice talents of Chris Pratt, Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson, Charlie Day, Will Forte, Jonah Hill, Cobie Smulders, Channing Tatum, and Morgan Freeman and was directed by Phile Lord and Christopher Miller.

the lego movie Continue reading

ARROW Season 2×14, “Time of Death” recap

27 Feb


Welcome back, Arrow-heads!  What you need to know: Sara Lance is back, and now free from her connection to the League of Assassins.  Not that Laurel’s happy, because she’s still a wreck and blames Sara for ruining their family’s lives since she went missing.  In other family troubles, Felicity finds out about Thea’s secret parentage and tells Ollie this at probably the worse time.  He promises to keep that secret to Moira, but wants nothing to do with her outside of her mayoral campaign.  And Slade’s planning to deal with Moira Queen in what way, exactly?  Well, let’s just see what happens… Continue reading

I still love 80′s movies, part the third!

26 Feb

Stewart here…

The 80’s were a formative time in my life, especially when it came to movies.  Either due to my understanding of things at an early age or bad parenting (only as of late have I questioned which one it is), I got exposed to some great movies at some pivotal times in my childhood.  Many of them you’ve seen in previous posts, so to you I present some which hold a special place in my heart: Continue reading

Guest Post!! ~ Robo Reboot Gets Modern Makeover

24 Feb

Today we have a new guest poster, twitter pal Marc! Marc watches a lot of movies and reviews them on all while defying the conventions of what a “movie critic” is typically supposed to be.


MGM and Columbia Pictures have decided to resurrect a cult classic science fiction character in hopes of creating a new blockbuster franchise and, thanks to director José Padilha, Robocop looks primed and ready to blow through the competition. The movie stars Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jay Baruchel while Joel Kinnaman takes on the title role.

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I still love 80’s movies, part deux!

22 Feb

I’m back with more 80’s movies that I love. Many of the movies on my list are in my current DVD collection (or they were in my VHS collection), but they are all things that I’ll watch over and over when I land on them on cable… Continue reading

SMALLVILLE Minicaps / Season 7, Eps. 1-4

20 Feb
The Smallville season 7 minicaps was found in Reeves Dam next to Kara's spaceship.

The Smallville season 7 minicaps was found in Reeves Dam next to Kara’s spaceship.

Stewart here…

At the end of a rocky last season, things were looking up for Clark.  Lana knew his secret and was all cool with it, Chloe was coming to terms with her meteor powers and her relationship with Jimmy, and the Phantom Zone escapees were all but found.  But we ended this season on everything going straight into the toilet.  Lana gets in a car explosion, Lex is arrested for her murder, Chloe saves a fatally injured Lois at the cost of her ending up near dead, and the last Phantom takes the form of Clark.  Did I mention almost all of this happens at the local dam, which is coming apart?  Let’s see how everyone gets out of this mess… Continue reading


17 Feb

Howdy folks, it’s Emily. Well, it’s a bit late to be posting now since the live tweet of the east coast feed of Star-Crossed is well under way, however if you’re on the Pacific side of things, in TWO HOURS you can be watching Star-Crossed! Why do you ask? Because a) I worked on it and spent half of last year on it, b) It’s a sci-fi show! My spin: it’s District 9 but instead of ugly prawns it’s unbelievable beautiful people with tattoo-like markings that go to high school! Also for added flavor, a Romeo and Juliet type storyline between an alien boy and alien girl- dun dun DUN! It has everything! Sci-Fi! Action! Romance! I’ll even say it’s a throw back a little to the good ol’ Roswell days- but all in all, it’s a solid sci-fi show that I’m proud to have been a part of!

Not that I'm biased, but episodes 3, 6, 9, and 12 are the best :)

Be sure to tune in TONIGHT on the CW at 8pm (or on Hulu tomorrow! And if sci-fi isn’t your jam, check out Someone Marry Barry on Amazon, iTunes, or VOD- another film I worked on that just came out last week to all digital venues.)

I still love 80’s movies!

16 Feb

The other day I was linked to an article that claimed 80’s movies were better than today. I agreed with every point they made and it inspired me to think about my favorite 80s movies. I thought about making a top ten list, but I really couldn’t rank the titles that I loved- my love for them changes daily. So I thought I would take a post, or two, and list out some of my favorite films from my childhood. I would love to hear some of your favorites and/or your thoughts on these films in the comments! Continue reading

Is there a war on Westerns?

14 Feb

When was the last time Hollywood made a good Western? The early 90s with Unforgiven, probably. Though the two Earp movies from that time period were good too. But it’s like Hollywood lost the ability to create a Western. Which is sort of insane considering that the genre exists because Hollywood was the master of the Western for generations.


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SMALLVILLE Minicaps / Season 6, Eps. 21-22 and Season Six Highlights

10 Feb
The Smallville season 6 minicaps is just content to shuffle off the stage.

The Smallville season 6 minicaps is just content to shuffle off the stage.

Stewart here…

With Clark dealing with the last of the escapees from the Phantom Zone (or so he thinks), things are starting to look up for him.  Meanwhile, Lana is getting in way too deep in dealing with the Luthors.  She finds out her pregnancy was faked, and then gets shot while retrieving important information of Lex’s new super-soldier project.  Since we’re near the end of the season, how will all this pan out for Clark and gang?  Let’s find out… Continue reading

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