SMALLVILLE Minicaps / Season 6, Eps. 21-22 and Season Six Highlights

10 Feb
The Smallville season 6 minicaps is just content to shuffle off the stage.

The Smallville season 6 minicaps is just content to shuffle off the stage.

Stewart here…

With Clark dealing with the last of the escapees from the Phantom Zone (or so he thinks), things are starting to look up for him.  Meanwhile, Lana is getting in way too deep in dealing with the Luthors.  She finds out her pregnancy was faked, and then gets shot while retrieving important information of Lex’s new super-soldier project.  Since we’re near the end of the season, how will all this pan out for Clark and gang?  Let’s find out…


Lex has made a super-assassin out of the not dead Wes Keenan, and things get complicated when a killing of a senator is witnessed by Lois.  So Lois is made Wes’ next target, and how convenient, Lois and Wes have a past history that may save her life.  Other good news comes when Martha is asked to fill the now dead senator’s seat.  Usually to move up in the political world, you run for office, but filling in dead people’s offices works too, I guess.

"Don't die, Helo, um, I mean, Wes!"

“Don’t die, Helo, um, I mean, Wes!”

–Brief but welcome bit of funny when Chloe and Martha talk about Clark always speeding off to the rescue.

–What’s with those numbers dying Wes blurts out?  Well, we find out next episode they’re GPS coordinates of…Reeves Dam.

–Clark visits Lana and becomes aware of Lex’s Project Ares, which is kind of unrelated to 33.1.  But not really, I think.  I’m just a bit confused on which because I blurred out any past remembrance of these plotlines when I first saw them.

–Hey everyone, pay attention to that room full of super-soldiers, because a big cliffhanger is solved thanks to what’s in that room next season.  Actually don’t pay attention, because it still doesn’t make much sense.

–Um, Lionel, not to ruin what happens next episode, but promising you had nothing to do with Lana staying married to Lex isn’t going to save your throat from being crushed if Clark finds out.  By the way…


So its season finale time, and were left in cliffhanger territory again.  Clark comes clean about his secret to Lana, which is great, except for Lana getting blown up in a car bomb.  Lois investigates Reeves Dam and gets fatally stabbed, but gets saved by Chloe thanks to some meteor power thing.  Lex experiments on a Phantom who is looking for a Kryptonian host, and after getting a few cells, becomes a “bizarre” version of Clark.  Did I also mention Lex is arrested for killing Lana, and the dam is about to break, with Lois, Chloe, and Lionel inside?  Also, Bizarro Clark looks like he’ll beat regular Clark, but we’ll see next season.

"Bizarro Clark Kent need face moisturizer!"

“Bizarro Clark Kent need face moisturizer!”

–Well, say goodbye and good luck to Martha Kent, because we won’t see her again until season nine.

–Best not to worry yet about Bizarro Clark replacing original Clark, because Martian Manhunter is healing out above Earth.  I’m sure he’ll be back.

–Chloe can heal people from death with tears, and apparently end up near dead because of it.  I guess?

–So, Lex faked Lana’s pregnancy to get her to marry him, but he was kind of torn up about supposedly fake baby miscarrying, so…um, my brain hurts.  Sadly, we haven’t hit the end of this confusing plotline until next season.

–Lex seemed surprised to hear Lana got blown up.  But he did blow her up, right?  RIGHT?  Also, the dam around the police car that he’s locked up in is falling apart.  Shouldn’t someone move that car NOW?

–“I’m you, just a little more bizarre.”

So before we leave season six of the Smallville minicaps, let’s take a look at the best and worst that we’ve seen this season:

BEST EPISODES:  “Zod”, “Justice”, “Crimson”, “Promise”, “Noir”

WORST EPISODES: “Static”, “Trespass”, “Combat”

BEST METEOR FREAK THIS SEASON:  That helpful kid at the bowling center in “Freak”.  Hey, not all meteor freaks are bad guys.  Good for him to set an example.

LESSONS CLARK LEARNS THIS SEASON:  If you love someone, take a risk and don’t be afraid if that someone discovers that secret.  Actually, he should have learned this lesson back around season two.  What the hell?

WHY YOU SHOULD HATE LANA LANG:  Its kind of hard to hate her this season, more because she gets tricked into thinking she’s pregnant, tricked into getting married to the guy who fake knocked her up, finds out about faux-pregnancy, and then gets blown up.  Yeesh.

WHAT HAPPENS FREQUENTLY IN SMALLVILLE:  Meteor freaks getting abducted, some getting let go with no memory, some getting dropped in internment camps, some being experimented on for super-soldier crap.  Tough times.

WHO SHOULD CLARK HOOK UP WITH:  Lois.  It’s best to let go of Lana now.  Trust me.

HOPES FOR SEASON SEVEN:  Can you keep Lana barbequed and not invent some weird out of left field answer for her surviving?  Also, could you clear up the whole 33.1/Ares stuff?  And seriously, Clark, FLY!

SEASON SIX ANALYSIS:  I remember how when season six originally aired, I didn’t care much for it.  It was nice to see the series open up to more superheroics than freaks of the week stories, but overall it felt like a mixed bag of really interesting stuff with some really too soapy turns.  After rewatching the entire season, that’s still kind of the impression I get from season six.  Now in retrospect, its easy to deal with some of the problems the season had.

The introduction of Green Arrow was a nice shot in the arm for the first half of the season, but Oliver Queen’s departure left a big hole to fill, and Lex’s convoluted plot to marry Lana wasn’t going to fill it.  The season had some memorable episodes in it, but overall it’s a small step down from season five.  Next season came with its own set of problems, among them a writer’s strike, and the last regular appearances of some of the show’s main characters.  Plus, there was the appearance of another kryptonian on the scene to help get Clark on his way to fulfilling his destiny.

I think this image encapsulates my thoughts on season six.

I think this image encapsulates my thoughts on season six.

NEXT TIME:  Season seven of the Smallville minicaps kicks off with Clark fighting bizarro Clark in “Bizarro”, Clark discovers another survivor from Krypton with a familial connection in “Kara”, Kara gets educated on being human to mixed results in “Fierce”, and a surgeon claiming he can cure meteor freaks wants them for his own personal experiment in “Cure”.

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