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A PENNY DREADFUL premiere review for your thoughts

11 May


Stewart here…

Being so busy watching other quality shows, I rarely have time to indulge in finding new ones.  So, when I was informed that Showtime put up the first episode of Penny Dreadful, their new supernatural series online for nada, I thought it would be worth a look.  Now, I had heard about it over the last year, mostly because of its talent behind it: Sam Mendes and John Logan, director and writer respectively of the recent James Bond movie, Skyfall (and the follow-up due around 2015), with Logan the main writer of the show.  But up until the time of hearing the premiere was available to watch, did not much about it. Continue reading

ARROW Season 2×14, “Time of Death” recap

27 Feb


Welcome back, Arrow-heads!  What you need to know: Sara Lance is back, and now free from her connection to the League of Assassins.  Not that Laurel’s happy, because she’s still a wreck and blames Sara for ruining their family’s lives since she went missing.  In other family troubles, Felicity finds out about Thea’s secret parentage and tells Ollie this at probably the worse time.  He promises to keep that secret to Moira, but wants nothing to do with her outside of her mayoral campaign.  And Slade’s planning to deal with Moira Queen in what way, exactly?  Well, let’s just see what happens… Continue reading

My S.H.I.E.L.D. Blacklist is Almost Hollow — Mid-Season TV Reviews

4 Dec

Stewart here…

Now that most of the new shows on television are going off on vacation until next year, I thought I’d spend some time talking about some of the new shows currently in my TV viewing schedule, and some opinions along with it: Continue reading

If you could… Would you?

23 Oct

Last night I went with a friend to see a screening of the new Rachel McAdams movie, About Time (in theaters on November 8th). It was not what I expected. It was so much more. I honestly loved it. I’m not saying it was oscar caliber or anything- it’s rom com inside a dramedy; but it’s sweet and touching and funny and heartfelt. I loved it.

But it made me wonder- If you could… would you? Continue reading

Guest Post!!~ Cons and Con Artists

29 Sep

A new pair of guest posters joins NerdLush today with a review and commentary from the recent Con Artists movie premiere. Amelia Arender with words, Jacqueline Sherrard with pictures-


Signed poster

Signed poster

This week I entered the world of the voice actor at the Con Artists premiere at the Downtown Independent, LA.  The film is a mockumentary about “the madness of the convention circuit as seen through the eyes of two voice actors, who live in a sort of bubble of fame.” (Yuri Lowenthal)  You might know Yuri – one of the writers and stars of Con Artists – by his face (Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Shelf Life), but you would most certainly know him by his voice (Ben 10, Naruto, Afro Samurai).  He is not the only recognizable creator/writer behind Con Artists; but also his lovely wife, Tara Platt (Naruto, Shelf Life, Ben 10). The film follows their career as actors/voice actors, as well as the fame and fortune at the wonderful world of conventions – a.k.a. Cons( for my non convention going readers.) Continue reading

SMALLVILLE Minicaps / Season 2, Eps. 21-23 and Season Two Highlights

13 Jul
Smallville season two minicaps are ending, and still no invite to Lex's wedding?  Okay.  Fine.  See if I care.

Smallville season two minicaps are ending, and still no invite to Lex’s wedding? Okay. Fine. See if I care.

Stewart here, and be warned of spoilers within… Continue reading

For Your Earholes Only — Podcasts Worth Checking Out

26 May

Stewart here…

I don’t know if this is telling of my age, but commercial radio is just uninteresting to me these days.  On the other hand, I discover new music (and relisten to old music) via the Internet.  As a result of my Internet searches, I discovered podcasts about six years ago.  For you not in the know, podcasts are pretty much audio programs on a particular subject, often with hosts who are fans or as become the case recently, with noteworthy Hollywood talent behind them. Continue reading

FARSCAPE Revisited Mini-caps / Season 4, Episodes 1-5

7 Mar
Farscape minicaps!  Season 4!  Going widescreen!

Farscape minicaps! Season 4! Going widescreen!

Stewart here…and fair warning, some spoilers lie within… Continue reading

The Four Letter Word in Sci-Fi Shows: Cancelled

11 Feb

It’s that awful moment during November sweeps, or during summer, refreshing your internet feed on twitter and tumblr when you see it- your favorite show has been CANCELED. Saddened and dismayed you take to the internet, posting comments and signing petitions, uploading rants about networks and their executives to YouTube  After a few days, sometimes a few weeks in rare occasion, the average person moves on to another show, another fandom. Still, there are always shows that linger in people’s thoughts years after cancellation  with fans always hoping that somehow the show will find a resurrection, as Firefly found with Serenity (although lets be honest, most of us would back a Kickstarter campaign to bring the show back in any form), Futurama found with another network, and of course the resurrection of Doctor Who in 2005, now one of the most popular shows in both Britain and the USA.

Continue reading

Time keeps on slipping into CONTINUUM

30 Jan
I'm hoping for an episode where they correct Caprica being cancelled.

I’m hoping for an episode where they correct Caprica being cancelled.

Syfy has been a fertile ground for its own original programming (save Alphas, which got canned after a far better second season and cliffhanger, to boot) and for importing shows outside the U.S.  Besides the Canadian urban fantasy Lost Girl, the channel recently picked up the time travel show Continuum (its first season aired in Canada last year, and its second season is going into production soon).  Continue reading

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