If you could… Would you?

23 Oct

Last night I went with a friend to see a screening of the new Rachel McAdams movie, About Time (in theaters on November 8th). It was not what I expected. It was so much more. I honestly loved it. I’m not saying it was oscar caliber or anything- it’s rom com inside a dramedy; but it’s sweet and touching and funny and heartfelt. I loved it.

But it made me wonder- If you could… would you?

What I’m asking is this: in the film, Tim (played delightfully by Domhnall Gleeson), discovers he can time travel within his own life. This is all in the trailers, so it isn’t a spoiler. I won’t tell you anything spoilery. But I wonder- if you discovered you had this power, would you use it?

What if you could go back to your prom night and relive it? Or make it better?

Would you go back to the night before you lost someone and say a real goodbye?

Would you go back to a night you should’ve stayed, but instead you left? Would you still leave?

Would you take that job you turned down? Or turn down the one you took but ended up being miserable?

Would you get her number? Would you ask his name? Would you say yes?

What would you do if you could go back in time? Or would you be afraid of the outcome? What about the butterfly effect? What if the butterfly effect was null- you only effect you and not the world? Would you risk it?

I can think of one night that I regret enough to want to change- but would the 15 or so years since change drastically? If yes, I don’t think I could actually change it. I mean… I’ve had some tough times since that night, but nothing that I haven’t overcome.

About-Time-UK-Quad-Poster-585x443The film touched my heart and made me laugh, tear up, and smile. A lot. I recommend it. And I hope that it makes you wonder- would you?

What do you think?

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