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So I went to the theatre… and learned about quantum objects.

29 Oct

I want to sit here and tell you all about NerdLush friend, Kirsten Vangsness’, one woman show, MESS, but honestly there is no way for me to describe it to you. I could tell you that it is a magical one hour plus of comedic genius- complete with musical numbers and choreography. Or I could tell you it was about kittens.

None of that actually tells you anything. But it is probably the best I can do. Continue reading

ARROW Season 2×03, “Broken Dolls” recap

29 Oct


Welcome back!  Last time, Ollie was busy setting up his new version of crimefighting while trying to establish himself running the family company.  And he’s running into problems on both ends of that: on the public end from pro-Glades boosters like Sebastian Blood, and from Laurel, who has it out for our hooded hero.  And in a case of “good idea, wrong timing”, Ollie heads to Laurel’s office to reason with her.  Her response is a heavily armed team of cops leaving him with nowhere to go.  So, um, we’re about to get an awkward reveal to Laurel, aren’t we? Continue reading

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