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The Night the Circus Came to Town

12 Feb

Last night, we had the opportunity to attend the opening night of the US tour of Circus 1903. It was an amazing spectacle to behold.

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Once a theatre nerd, always a theatre nerd

27 Aug

Recently, I went with my family for an evening at the local amateur theatre. We have been attending shows at this company for over *cough* 30 *cough* years, so I’m not going to lie- but my brother and I are a little opinionated about shows now. In particular… the pre-show.

But that’s a post for another time.  Continue reading

The end (or is it the beginning) of another award season

6 Jun

It seems like Hollywood- or more accurately, the entertainment industry- spends the entire year patting themselves on the back and handing out awards. Honestly, I only watch one of these shows anymore- the same people/projects seem to win over and over… so there really isn’t a draw for me. But this weekend is the one show I try to catch every year- The Tony Awards.

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What exactly is an Existential Romance Novel? and please god, don’t tell my mother about them!

10 Dec

That is a direct quote- I said it in my head, to myself- from my time as audience member for the Theatre of NOTE‘s latest- “The Invisible Play”.

INVISIBLE_footlight_coverTo sum up my thoughts on the play let me say that it is fun, clever, charming, and poignant. I had moments where I got lost in “OMG! I feel that way sometimes!” and others where the idea of the story just made me giggle. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my evening of theatre. Continue reading

Theatrical Reminiscences and Meanderings

24 Nov

Recently, while speaking to an acquaintance, I learned that he had never been to a play. That day was his 31st birthday and he was going to see his first play that evening. This kind of blew my mind because I have been attending theatrical productions as long as I can remember. My first “job” was working technical positions for the local amateur theatre company.

lower the houselights, the show is about to begin

lower the houselights, the show is about to begin

In fact, one of the first movies I remember marathoning was a play. Continue reading

So I went to the theatre… and learned about quantum objects.

29 Oct

I want to sit here and tell you all about NerdLush friend, Kirsten Vangsness’, one woman show, MESS, but honestly there is no way for me to describe it to you. I could tell you that it is a magical one hour plus of comedic genius- complete with musical numbers and choreography. Or I could tell you it was about kittens.

None of that actually tells you anything. But it is probably the best I can do. Continue reading

TheatreNerds are for life!

5 Dec

The other day, Emily and I were driving through California on our way home from an adventure, listening to my favorite XM station (72, the Broadway station). I enjoy singing along or playing the guessing game (where I try and figure out what year the show/performance is from) and thankfully, Emily also enjoys the station- since I tortured her with it all weekend. 😉 Continue reading

Oh Captain, My Captain… Take a Seat and I’ll Explain My Adoration for Scott Bakula

5 Nov

So it’s quite obvious if you read back thru my posts that I basically have no shame.  I mean… one of my earliest posts shared that I grew up crushing on Wil Wheaton and Marc Singer– who, by the way, could not be more different. And let’s not forget that in order to celebrate our success, I threw a costumed karaoke party. Shameless. Alright, probably not as shameless as my friend Jacqui– ask her, she’ll tell you she has absolutely no shame. Continue reading

My Inner Nerd is a Theatre Nerd. But Not a Snobby One.

4 Jun

It’s not really a secret that I am a theatre nerd. I was pretty much raised to be one. My mother made sure we had season tickets to the local amateur theatre company by the time I was five. I even ended up working for the company throughout my teenage years (I was a backstage tech, but the experience taught me a lot about life). I even went to a performing arts high school where I focused on theatre. Sadly, as I went out into the world as an adult, attending theatrical productions has been one of the things that has suffered- it’s generally too expensive. I made it to maybe 3 things while I lived in Chicago- a fact that deeply saddened me (though the things I made it to were well worth the effort). I vowed to make it a possibility to see theatre productions when I moved to L.A. So far, I’ve managed to quick that vow.  Continue reading

Week of Geek

25 Apr

Probably won’t make many posts like this often as adventures tend to get their own posts and not a jumbled collection… but this week has been full of mini geekery and I feel like sharing some of it. Continue reading

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