Nerd Party For the Mother Effing Win!

2 Oct

So… a wee bit ago, we at NerdLush celebrated six months of nerdery with a costumed karaoke party with friends and fans. I admit to being a wee bit nervous before the event… I mean, this is LA! People RSVP for things here all the time (and then don’t show up!) (or the opposite-show up without an RSVP). And up til the actual party night- after arriving at the venue- there was that little whisper saying I should be ready with “It’s my party, I’ll cry if I want to”… but then… everyone (plus more awesome people) showed up. And sang. And had costumes. And laughed. And had fun. And it was AWESOME.

The only thing that made me sad is that Stewart wasn’t able to be there with us. 😦

I truly felt blessed to have so many awesome people come out to celebrate with us. *group hug!*

So here are a few tidbits from the awesome evening…

*COSTUME CONTEST… so, you can’t really have people show up at a costume party and not have a contest. We had a lovely friend who wasn’t up for costuming but was willing to wear a sash and be our judge. Emily and I provided Leila with an outline, but she was able to come up with categories of her own. The lovely Cate won for Nerdiest (she was a TARDIS), one of the Emily’s won for accuracy- she was a German beermaid, or something similar. The fabulous Mike Henry won for most authentic in his rocker tee (trust me… it counts. Michael D. Henry is an awesome rocker. Google the Unicorn Song by Hard Six). And lastly, our own Emily was named SLUTTIEST in her Poison Ivy costume. 😉 (for the record, this is Emily’s 2nd win in a costume contest as she also placed at the Hipsterhood premiere party)

*KARAOKE CONTEST… we asked Leila to judge for karaoke too. Charity won for most surprising (Gangster’s Paradise), the lovely Dee2 won for… wait, what was I saying? 😉 New friend George won for walking away (I think… it’s been a bit since the party) and our own Phil X won for best high note (probably for Back in Black… but I’m not the judge, lol).

We had an overall 1st place winner too… Anthony came in as Mal and sang his butt off. We loved him. (later there was a striptease… I have video… you’ll just have to wait 😛 )

I want to also point out that I wish we had a second trophy for overall… Briel- who was absofreakinglutely adorable as Little Red Riding Hood- sang her little heart out. And was fabulous! So here’s to her!

*RAINBOW CAKE… Emily, with a little help from me, put together an awesome cake for the party- RAINBOW! It’s a favorite of mine because it’s fun and silly. And she made it. It was awesome. Loved being a part of making it. And eating it. (I made some mini-cupcakes too, but they were white not rainbow)

*NEW FRIENDS… lil Cate reminded me that one of the highlights of the evening was getting to meet new nerds and be silly and also… not be judged. Sadly, there are too many times in life where people judge others and it’s tough to just let go and be silly. But, thankfully, the NerdLush party was not one of the times! Even the staff of the venue loved us! Some guests didn’t dress up, others went all out, some sang like they ought to be on albums (*cough* oh wait, they DO have albums *cough*), and others sang cuz they like to sing, and no one cared whether you were good or not- the crowd was awesome and supportive and singing their little hearts out! It was truly a lot of fun and I love every single person who came out! (and those that sent their love but couldn’t be there in person). Looking back on it… I kind of want to schedule random Nerd Adventure Days and put it out there, “we are going here on this day, come join us!” I think it would be amazingly fun.

*EPIC OPENING SONG… who the heck starts a karaoke party with Edelweiss? My friends! And they were adorable and fun and there were so many giggles! Loved the Emily’s and Samantha. 🙂

*OMG! I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION THE VIDEOS!!!… so… if you’ve done karaoke, you know that essentially the words to the song play on a screen for you to follow along. Well… at our chosen venue- Soop Sok- there are videos that play with the songs… they are Korean in origin (I assume. The people in the them are 99% Asian and we were in Koreatown… others assumed as well.) And they make no sense! Some even had a mystical goldfish in them. For no reason! I have no idea what the videos were supposed to be about- they never fit the songs. And if you weren’t careful, you’d lose your place when singing because you could get caught up trying to figure out the amazing videos!

*PHOTOS… below is a gallery of photos. Most are mine, though some are borrowed with permission from Charity. She and I were essentially on opposite sides of the room all night and I like that we caught different moments. If anyone else has photos- drop me a line! I’d love to add them!

*VENUESoop Sok is awesome! I first went there for a karaoke party back in January of this year and it was lovely. The prices are good (though the adult beverages could be a bit bigger for the price and the food- very tasty!- could be a little cheaper) and the place is clean and nice. But the best part, in my mind, is the staff. Our room put us at the end of the hall, right across from the bar. You could hear us singing at the bar! And when we first arrived in our costumes, the whole staff was there to check us out. But they loved us. And others would stand in front of the door/window to watch/listen. It was pretty funny.

There will be a video (eventually) of some favorite moments from the night… but real life sometimes has to come first and so it might take us some time to put it together. Bear with us…

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