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Finally posting SDCC videos… Joss pt 1

29 Nov

Yeah, so I suck. In July I wrote about SDCC and how awesome it was and promised I would have my videos up soon… but it’s almost December and I’ve just barely started posting them! Here is pt 1 of Joss Whedon’s panel on the Friday of SDCC. I had to post to my other youtube page because I didn’t want to cut it- though it’s still in two pieces. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll post pt 2 soon, and I also have the Buffy panel from Sunday to post.



Video provided by James Kus

When worlds collide…

27 Nov

As I was sitting at my moms this past weekend, watching the NCIS marathon on USA (as one would…), I was occasionally flipping over to Twitter to get the latest info (it’s better than wasting time trying to get info from online news sites) and discovered that Wil Wheaton was spending the afternoon cleaning out or going through old boxes in his garage. Continue reading

FARSCAPE Revisited Mini-caps / Season 3, Episodes 1-4

25 Nov

The minicaps of season 3 of Farscape! With new titles! And more weird alien chanting stuff! NEW!

Stewart here…and fair warning, some spoilers lie within… Continue reading

Twinkies may be gone, but comics go on forever

23 Nov

Sitting in my moms dining room listening to friends I haven’t seen in a decade (at least) chat on the phone to other friends, while my brother hides in his office watching Bond (other friends have just heading out to the mountains to see another eccentric friend of theirs)… welcome to the holidays. Continue reading

NerdLush Asks~ Interview with a Rock God, part 2

21 Nov

A pre-Thanksgiving post! Please enjoy your tryptophan coma tomorrow, or if you don’t celebrate- please enjoy your Thursday.

In this post, I bring you videos 3 and 4 of my interview with Phil X. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve already seen the first two videos and the teaser. Continue reading

Holidays are here again!

19 Nov

Well, last month we had Halloween- which was fabulous! And this week we have Thanksgiving- tryptophan coma, here we come! And then… Christmas! Where did 2012 go?

Continue reading

FRINGE Final Season Recap: “Five-Twenty-Ten”

17 Nov

Welcome to another recap of FRINGE!  Time to remember what variables I need to take into account for this post to be done on time… Continue reading

Great Trek Debate, chapter 3- Those Dastardly Villains

15 Nov

Not too long ago I launched a poll to see who you felt was the greatest foe in the Star Trek universe. The poll is still open, but as of now the results are pretty weighted in favor of the Borg. For this chapter of the look into Star Trek, I want to take a gander at some of the villains our heroes have gone up against. Let’s start with those pesky with poll results- Continue reading

Television Graveyard- plot 2, MR & MRS SMITH

13 Nov

Let’s take a stroll through those television series which ended prematurely- those that didn’t quite make the cut or get the chance to really give it a go. Some of my favorites rarely get the chance to get past the first few episodes- thank goodness for DVD! This weeks series ended too soon; it had barely found it’s feet before it’s time had come. However, it did get wrapped up nicely which is super rare for shows that get canned before their time. I’m talking about Mr & Mrs Smith.

Continue reading

NerdLush Asks~ Interview with a Rock God, part 1

11 Nov

So… if you’ve been paying attention, you know that we have a dear friend in talented musician, Phil X. Continue reading

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