Television Graveyard- plot 2, MR & MRS SMITH

13 Nov

Let’s take a stroll through those television series which ended prematurely- those that didn’t quite make the cut or get the chance to really give it a go. Some of my favorites rarely get the chance to get past the first few episodes- thank goodness for DVD! This weeks series ended too soon; it had barely found it’s feet before it’s time had come. However, it did get wrapped up nicely which is super rare for shows that get canned before their time. I’m talking about Mr & Mrs Smith.

As a spy show in the mid-90’s, the series holds up fairly well today. I recently rewatched it (the first time since it originally aired in 1996-97) in prep for my ode to Scott Bakula post. Obviously, there are some tech moments that made me giggle, but they also brought back memories. It’s the stories and characters that made the show- and that’s what holds up strongly.

We’ve all seen the mid-00’s film of the same name starring Brangelina, right? Well… that is sort of a rip of this series, which was sort of a remake of film from the 40’s. Confused? Don’t be… the premise is really simple- two spies use their cover of a married couple to get jobs done.

Of course, they aren’t the typical spies you see in TV and movies; they don’t work for the government. They work for the Factory- a private security company that you can hire to help out with an issue before you bring in the authorities. Make sense? Yeah, it was clever and didn’t take itself too seriously.

The great fun of the series is the sexual tension- from the moment they meet in the pilot- of the two leads; add that Factory rules mean you can’t know anything about your partner, for safety, and you have a pair that desperately want but can’t have. I especially enjoyed the little moments when they try to get info without getting something that’ll get them in trouble; or the times they follow or spy on each other to satisfy their curiosity.  The chemistry between Bakula and Maria Bello was palpable.

Now, like all series that are found in the Television Graveyard this one was canceled before its time. The series made 13 episodes. However, unlike most of the rest of the series- the final two eps actually tie up loose ends and end the series nicely. Obviously, they must have known ahead of time that they weren’t going to get a full season. Sad. But at least we aren’t left hanging! I cannot tell you how many times I watch a series canceled before it’s time and there’s no end! Just more questions. And it’s extremely rare that we get those questions answered- Firefly & Serenity was a fluke!

All in all, this is/was a fun series that is worth your time to check out. Great for a day off or even a sick day, for vegging in front of the TV and just relaxing. Not a lot of thinking required, just enjoyment.

What do you think?

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