When worlds collide…

27 Nov

As I was sitting at my moms this past weekend, watching the NCIS marathon on USA (as one would…), I was occasionally flipping over to Twitter to get the latest info (it’s better than wasting time trying to get info from online news sites) and discovered that Wil Wheaton was spending the afternoon cleaning out or going through old boxes in his garage. Typically when I get forced to do that job I find boxes of crap that no one remembers buying and we end up throwing out because no one cares about it anyways. When the Wheatons do this, they seem to find boxes of awesome. And share it all with Twitter. Bless them.

My reason for this post is that one piece of memorabilia that was shared was Wil’s agenda that listed an audition for Swing KidsI’m not sure I can handle the concept of Wesley Crusher in a film about Nazi’s and swing dancing… Anyways, it started me thinking about who else has auditioned for roles that went to other people- who would be weird to see in those roles?

Or even the people who maybe got cast in roles originally but changed before the final cut… like Rebecca Gayheart as “Inara” in Firefly instead of Morena Baccarin. How different would that character have been? And y’all know that Alyson Hannigan was not the original “Willow” on BtVS, right? I’ve seen the original pilot… the other actress was fine. But I doubt the show would’ve lasted past the first season with her- she didn’t have the spark that the show needed.

According to my search online Laurence Olivier almost had the Marlon Brando role in the Godfather series. Tim Roth was up for “Snape” in the Harry Potter series. Sissy Spacek was up for “Princess Leia” in the Star Wars trilogy. And… Wil Smith was up for the role of “Neo” before Keanu got the role. How would you feel to see these other actors in these iconic roles?

What do you think?

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