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Highlights of 2013, a NerdLush year in review

13 Jan

Many thanks to Emily for starting the year off with a drunk year in review. Made me laugh. But I’m poking my head in now with a slightly more serious look back at 2013 and where it took NerdLush. As well as some of the favorites, as voted on by fans. Continue reading

Wanted… Dead or Alive… preferably alive, though.

9 Oct

I can’t be witty when I am tired. Bear with me. Just in from a a very fun concert event and though a review from me right would suck, I do want to share some. Essentially this is the important piece you need to know- Bon Jovi puts on a damn fine show. Continue reading

I’m out of posts! I’m out of time! I’m out of Music! Help!

5 Oct

So… it’s one of those months. There is both too much and too little to post on. And I’m completely swamped. My brain is too tired to come up with a topic for today and sadly, I’m out of backlogged and scheduled posts.

It’s been a while since I did a music post though, and I’d really like to do another. Continue reading

Wandering WonderCon and other bunny day adventures

2 Apr

I’m going to start off by saying that it’s difficult to attend a con for a single day (especially when it is the last day of the con) when all of the tweets and facebook posts about the con during the previous days make you desperate to be there. I mean… the Geek and Sundry Tabletop Day was happening during WonderCon… and OMG! so many awesome people there! Which means that those people would be at WonderCon all day… which means that I fail for not being there on Tabletop Day. Sigh. Initially, I had intended to be at WonderCon all weekend but life happens and I didn’t want to miss celebrating my friend Phil X‘s birthday at his surprise party. Priorities, amiright? Sigh. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, NerdLush!

19 Mar

Today is our first birthday! Woohoo! Thank you all for your support. We hope that you’ll be able to join us in a few weeks when we celebrate with karaoke!

Let there be cake!

Let there be cake!

Continue reading

Do I hear a waltz? Track 2

3 Feb

I’m back with more music talk! I don’t listen to the radio, so when I find new music it is usually something that’s been recommended to me or a band/singer that I happened upon when out to see someone else. In this post, I want to share my thoughts about the latest from a dear friend as well as some other wonderful CDs. Continue reading

NerdLush Party! We’re finally posting the party video!!

6 Jan

Remember back in September when we hosted a karaoke party? The costumed karaoke party of awesomeness? Well… I finally finished the clip video. Full of fun, friends, and singalongs! Enjoy!

[youtube http://youtu.be/JLo_9NeKI10]

FYI- due to some of the songs, the video may be blocked in some countries. SORRY!

It’s a NerdLush Christmas party!

25 Dec

Wishing all of you a merry Christmas!  Continue reading

Random Questions with Phil X

7 Dec

I like to ask silly random questions when I’m interviewing people- see my posts with Tara Platt & Yuri Lowenthal and my post with Amelia Tyler. Obviously, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask Phil some strange things! Continue reading

NerdLush Asks~ Interview with a Rock God, part 3

3 Dec

Here we go… the last piece to our interview with Phil X. If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ve already checked out the first and second installments as well as the initial teaser piece. Good for you! If not, then click the links I just shared. Continue reading

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