Happy Birthday, NerdLush!

19 Mar

Today is our first birthday! Woohoo! Thank you all for your support. We hope that you’ll be able to join us in a few weeks when we celebrate with karaoke!

Let there be cake!

Let there be cake!

Of note… this is also our 197 post. This close to 200. Pretty darn impressive! I think if we’d had our current posting schedule- every other day- when we started, we would’ve crossed that line. But… when NerdLush started… it was just lil ol’ me here. After a few months, Stewart and Emily, joined up. Then at the end of 2012, DeeDee and Natasha. And just recently, Catie. So we’re growing! We also have Lee, our guest poster who needs to post again so that I can force him to join the crew. Force nicely, obviously.

We’re still little… but everyday we grow!

Come to think of it, I need to also thank Katrina Hill– the famous Action Chick herself– because if she hadn’t been such a strong support last year, I would not have thought about creating NerdLush. And… Charity, for the name 😉 but also because it was with her that the idea started forming in my head. Have to thank Tara & Yuri, Amelia, Phil X, and all the rest who’ve taken the time to chat with us- we learn so much through each interview! Tara & Yuri especially… the last few times we’ve chatted have led to questions in the next chat… what can I say, we always have a lot of fun talking. I could sit here all day thanking people (i.e. Colin Ferguson, Steve Carlson, James Gunn, Ed Quinn, Keith Coogan, Chad Darnell…), but I can hear the Jaws theme starting to play behind me…

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