Shamrock Shake Shenanigans for all!

17 Mar

My friend Brian, who lives in Chicago, is my fav buddy to share Shamrock Shakes (you know, from McDs?) with. For some reason, Chicago gets them much earlier in the season than Los Angeles. So he’s been torturing me with the precious minty treat since early February. They only showed up here as the months changed.

I have no reason for sharing this with you except that today is St. Patrick’s Day and I’m wishing all of you tasty Shamrock Shakes as you celebrate. And wear your green!


minty green awesomeness!!

Last year, Charity, and I were wondering WonderCon in its first year in Anaheim on this day. It was a crazy day outside- rain galore- and in- the rooms next to where we were housed a girls cheerleading competition and volleyball championships. I’m pretty sure the cheerleaders had more makeup and hairspray then the people cosplaying… It was also the day I first met James Gunn when Lloyd Kaufman randomly grabbed me to pose for pictures with them. Wasn’t going to turn that down! And… it’s the day where the idea for NerdLush started forming in my head.

We’ve recently started a FaceBook page and would love to have you like the page! Not only do the site posts filter there, but the crew will be able to quickly share bits of info that we find interesting. Already there have been several posts about casting news for upcoming pilots. Stuff we’d love to be #1 sneakily sharing here… but let’s be honest, we’re a small site. We’re still growing our community. And we all have real lives- so… we’ll leave the on the spot instant news to someone who’s RL that is, and just share it. 🙂 So please, come join the page. And hey… we have a twitter too!

green vader

screw cookies, the dark side has beer now.

Have a happy, and safe!, St. Paddy’s!

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