FARSCAPE Revisited Mini-caps / Season 4, Episodes 6-9

15 Mar
Farscape season 4 minicaps keep rolling, rolling, rolling...

Farscape season 4 minicaps keep rolling, rolling, rolling…

Stewart here…and fair warning, some spoilers lie within…

Hey, fellow travelers of the Uncharted Territories, its time for another round of mini-caps on the fourth and final season of Farscape.  Well, the gang is back together on Moya, along with some new guests: the arrogant ginger alien Sikozu and…Scorpius?  Yeah, Commandant Grayza and the Peacekeepers really want to hurt him, so he comes seeking asylum, which by everyone’s definition is: lock him up until he…dies…or something.  And Aeryn reunites with Crichton, which goes…badly.  Do things get better for everyone in this minicap?  Um…no.

“Natural Election”

A space plant crashes into Moya and starts seeping into its skin, leaving the crew little choice but to trust Scorpius for help.  The whole “dealing with the space plant” plot really helps further the John/Aeryn baby plot, gives us time to see how the group is doing with the whole trouble of keeping Scorpius contained, and gives us a captain in….drumroll please…D’argo.  Actually, why not D’argo?  Seriously, he’s the only one who isn’t out of his mind and paranoid.

“John Quixote”

John and Chiana discover some kind of simulation game that has trapped them inside it.  What’s worse is the game may have been designed to capture Crichton by someone he should trust: Stark!  The problem is once the duo escape this insane fantasy world, the real mindeff begins.  It’s a nice, fun episode that just piles on the lunacy.  There’s a truckload of pop culture references and Farscape character cameos here, from John’s rendition of Max Headroom to an overweight male Zhaan.  Probably my favorite episode in this season so far.

“I Shrink, Therefore I Am”

Peacekeeper-hired mercenaries take over Moya to capture Crichton, who isn’t there when they arrive.  So, he sneaks in and has to team up with Scorpius to save the crew, who get shrunk down for better storage.  Besides watching John and Scorpy being forced to team up, we get tons of shrunken heroes (Aeryn riding the 1812 DRD is a personal favorite) and killing of gooey villains in heavy armor.  Oh, and Crichton considers taking Moya into Tormented Space to avoid the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans.  That sounds fun, right?  Right?  Umm…

“A Prefect Murder”

While on a planet with two warring clans on the verge of finding a truce, Aeryn finds she’s been subliminally tricked into killing one of the leaders.  Things get worse when John finds himself being manipulated the same way.  Its not one of the stronger episodes of the season, even with the growing concern of Chiana going blind because of her new abilities.  Not the strongest end to this set of minicaps.

Pest control in the Uncharted Territories isn't the most advanced obviously.

Pest control in the Uncharted Territories isn’t the most advanced obviously.

–Never trust Chiana to keep secrets, Aeryn.

–Is anyone even surprised Sikozu voted for Scorpius as captain of Moya?  Although I find it hilarious NO ONE voted for Crichton, not even himself.

–“John, I’m going to tell you something I never put into words before:  I love shooting things.”

–“If this goes bad, please die first, so my last moment will be joyous.”

–“John Quixote” marks the other Farscape script written by Ben Browder.

–Speaking of cameos besides Crais, Gilina, Jool, and Zhaan, frequent episode director Rowan Woods appears as the acid lactating male Zhaan early on.

–Really, the amount of blood John pooled out for that equation probably should’ve killed him.  That wasn’t enough of a guess he was still in the game?

–The post-production stuff with the split screen and shaky cam might have been a bit overkill.  Just a bit.

–Fun fact: I heard the design of the princess’s castle was based on the videogame Spyro the Dragon.

–Maybe its best not to talk about Aeryn’s Southern accent.  Yeah, probably is.

–Rygel shoots fire out of his rectum.  Yeesh.

So yeah, that happened.  And no, not due to bad salsa.

So yeah, that happened. And no, not due to bad salsa.

–Crichton gets suggested names for his sword, like Cameron or Uma.

–“How come no one ever wants to eat me?”

–“Up, down, up, down.  Just once it’d be nice to go sideways.”

–“Him?  Oh no, he’s just an incorrigible liar…and the butler.”

–“Nothing lasts forever.  But I have plans, big plans.  I’m training to be an astronaut.”

That reminds me: where did I put my Max Headroom complete series DVDs?

That reminds me: where did I put my Max Headroom complete series DVDs?

–“I hear I was a princess.”

–Crichton seems to be drifting into some Spanish in this and last episode.

–“Captain James T. D’argo” should be on a nametag somewhere.

–Scorpius probably shouldn’t have trusted Crichton to give him a loaded weapon.

–You would think these mercs would have bothered to check each other for a Scarran spy among them, but…

–Oh yeah, Noranti spends this episode in a coma outside the ship.  Her passing by the forward portal numerous times is a nice visual gag.  Also, she’s also giving John some happy drugs to get Aeryn off the brain.

–“There’s a wrinkled old woman floating outside the forward portal.”

–“Donde esta la cucaracha.”

Lil' Aeryn and 1812 DRD didn't become an action figure set sadly.

Lil’ Aeryn and 1812 DRD didn’t become an action figure set sadly.

–Had to figure those veins on the bad guy’s neck had the bugs in them.

–Nice editing move in the first act showing pieces of what happens before Aeryn’s shooting spree to reveal what is going on.

–Really, the tiny priest had a sawblade on his flying chair?  Um, Okay.

–Crichton eggs D’argo on to knock him out.  Seems like he’s asking people to hit him with stuff as a motif this season.

–Tormented Space is screwing with Moya, even though there’s no explanation to if Moya has recovered yet from her shutdown (although better explanations are laid out in the next episode).  Also, no Rygel or Scorpius in this episode.

–“I really thought the coin toss ended badly.”  “It did.”

NEXT TIME:  A case of food poisoning leads to extortion in “Coup by Clam”, Crichton learns about the true power of wormholes in “Unrealized Reality”, the crew goes back in time in “Kansas”, and then Crichton has a rough homecoming (for real this time) in “Terra Firma”.

3 Responses to “FARSCAPE Revisited Mini-caps / Season 4, Episodes 6-9”

  1. elizabeth ann March 15, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

    “John Quixote” is certainly not one of the best episodes of the series, however it is fun. and the fun ones were the ones that kept you with the series through the weird arcs that made you go, “huh?” And the fun ones were the eps used to con your friends into watching so they were hooked on the series as well. And that is why the fun ones rocked. And I enjoyed this ep.

    • stewartmoncure March 15, 2013 at 1:51 pm #

      Its probably the best episode in this bunch. Not that the other episodes are bad, but its probably for the best we get to the midseason arc that happens after this.

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