If I can just have 5 minutes of your time ~ SUPER KNOCKED UP

13 Mar

Here’s another new-ish webseries post… This time it’s a bit of light hearted hero story. Unlike last time

Super Knocked Up 1

 We’ve all had the one night stand that we wish we could forget in the morning… But what happens when that mistaken night of pleasure happens- not only in the arms of your enemy, but leaves you with a bundle of joy? Well, that’s the question our heroine has to deal with as Super Knocked Up chronicles the after of a night of carnal bliss (at least we hope so!) between Captain Amazing and Darkstar. A night she’d really like to forget… except for one tiny little detail- he knocked her up.

I don’t want to give away anything… the second season just started and the first is only 6 episodes long- you really should watch it for yourself! There are some delightfully awkward moments.

The show is well written and overall, I have no complaints. There was, apparently, a casting change for Darkstar between seasons 1 & 2 and that’s a little disappointing- personally, I loved the original actress! But I’m sure it was a scheduling thing or somesuch, so I’m going to give the new actress a fair shot. I’m excited to see how Darkstar and Captain Amazing handle the pregnancy and the living situation. Oh… and his mom.


Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes of your day to laugh at this blunder of a one night stand. You’ll thank me.

What do you think?

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