If I Can Just Have 5 Minutes Of Your Time ~~ Girl Number 9

19 Feb

I’m back with another look at an older web series. This one is a wee bit different- it was essentially a film that was broken up into episodic pieces. Thus there is and will be no season 2 etc. But that doesn’t keep me from wanting to share.

Back in 2009 rumors and information hit the ‘net that Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood) was going to be starring in a dark and twisted new web series. I was in love with it just from knowing that tiny bit. When Girl Number 9 began airing… it was almost too dark to watch alone. Utterly fantastic.

girl number 9

The premise is simple- there’s a serial killer. The police have a suspect in custody and are interrogating him. Except… he’d moved on to his next victim before they finally caught him. There’s a messy twist involved and it leads to the situation of what would you do? girl-number-9-298x223

Once the reveal occurs, there’s really only two ways the series can go- and neither is really preferable to the audience. Which, honestly, demonstrates how the show connected with the audience so quickly- no matter what happens, we won’t be happy. I mean, the audience would be satisfied that the conclusion fit the story… but whichever way the story went… someone wasn’t going to like it. Personally, both routes were heartbreaking. Which was perfect for the thriller of a story.

Still-from-Girl-Number-9-001The entire piece runs ~30 minutes (broken into 6 episodes) and I’m glad that I had to stop my original viewing and wait for the whole thing to be available- it was too hard to wait for the next episode; I was desperate to know what happened! It is available on DVD now, though I am not 100% sure if it is region specific. (My copy happens to be autographed to my by Gareth and it kinda makes me squee.) Lots of language and definitely not appropriate for younger viewers.

I want to tell you more about this one but I really can’t… it’s a psychological thriller and much like when The Sixth Sense was released, if I were to say anything more it would ruin it for you.

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