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Time keeps on slipping into CONTINUUM

30 Jan
I'm hoping for an episode where they correct Caprica being cancelled.

I’m hoping for an episode where they correct Caprica being cancelled.

Syfy has been a fertile ground for its own original programming (save Alphas, which got canned after a far better second season and cliffhanger, to boot) and for importing shows outside the U.S.  Besides the Canadian urban fantasy Lost Girl, the channel recently picked up the time travel show Continuum (its first season aired in Canada last year, and its second season is going into production soon).  Continue reading

Not your mother’s Fairy Tales!

28 Jan

This is not a review. Let me just point that out now.

I saw a screening of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters the other night and I had a fabulous time. I know, there are many who are going to say- “seriously? You enjoyed that?” And to them I say, “Yes”. And here’s why- when I see a movie, I want to be entertained. I don’t want to be lectured at or made to feel bad. To me, a movie is entertainment and therefore I should leave the theater feeling like I’ve had fun. I want to laugh. I want to be exhilarated. I don’t mind a few tears. But the end result of my time is that I want to have been entertained. And it doesn’t even have to be a good film (we know I adore my bad movies)- as long as I come out of it not feeling like I just wasted 2 hours of my life.

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“Shatner’s World, We just live in it….”

26 Jan
Mike and Dee William Shatner 1

DeeDee and Mike with the man himself, William Shatner

Dee2 here:

Captain’s Log, Stardate 01:18:2013, the ship’s entertainment correspondent and I went out to explore the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara, Ca. to see the one-man show “Shatner’s World.”

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Do I hear a waltz? No, but I hear some ROCK & ROLL!

24 Jan

Been a wee bit since I went on about my musical taste but I’ve gotten a few new albums lately- some artists that I love and others that are new to me- and I wanted to share. Let me say this first- this is all opinion based; I am not trained in anything musical nor do I have much of a knowledge other than my own taste. I cannot tell you that a piece of music is important or special because it blah blah blah… all I can say is what I feel about the music and how it moves me. I can tell you what I like and what I don’t. Take it as opinion, not fact, and if what I say intrigues you- then check out the music for yourself and let me know what you think. Now that I’ve laid out that disclaimer, let’s begin. Continue reading

My Catch-Up on ARROW

22 Jan

In the interest of full disclosure, let’s just get this fact cleared up: even with the good news I heard about it and having some interest in the character, I had no interest in watching the CW’s Arrow.  In all fairness, those reasons were pretty much image-based: mainly a CW show starring a hunky guy with a title that thought the usage of “Green” wasn’t edgy enough.  On the other hand, the CW has managed to do some decent genre shows besides the usual sudsy teen/20-ish dramas the network has been known for, like Supernatural and Nikita, but my schedule was a bit heavy that I hadn’t been able to catch up until now.  The show came back earlier this month, so I thought I should check it out. Continue reading

Excuse me, waiter, there’s a dinosaur in my soup.

20 Jan

So, I was struck down recently with something nasty- not the Flu, but just as lacking in fun- and it left me unable to do much more than lounge around watching TV. Which of course means that I’ve been catching up on stuff I’ve missed over the years etc. Everyone remembers my recent dive into Eureka, right? Well, as is my usual thing, I’ve been hunting other projects the cast has done. If I like someone’s performance in one thing, I like to know what else they’ve done. I got into Warehouse 13, watched some fun (and not so fun) movies, etc- most of this stuff I’ll write about later- and then allowed myself to watch a new series, that hadn’t even finished airing it’s first season! Welcome to Primeval: New World


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FRINGE Final Season Recap: “Liberty”/”An Enemy Of Fate”

18 Jan


Welcome to the final recap of FRINGE!  Let’s recap things before we get to the main event… Continue reading

Television Graveyard- plot 3, The Charmings

16 Jan

Well, I’m back with another blink and you missed it series! Actually, this one technically had two seasons but honestly even with 19 episodes there are probably only a handful of people who remember this one.  Continue reading

FARSCAPE Revisited Mini-caps / Season 3, Episodes 9-12

14 Jan

Stewart here…and fair warning, some spoilers lie within…

Mini-cap time on Farscape!  Holla at your boy, J.C. (John Crichton)!

Mini-cap time on Farscape! Holla at your boy, J.C. (John Crichton)!

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FRINGE Final Season Recap: “The Boy Must Live”

12 Jan


Welcome to another recap of FRINGE!  Time for some info dumping…

We’re back after the holidays for the final episodes of Fringe, and things are shaping up nicely.  Team Fringe has found the Observer boy/”anomaly” Michael and kept him safe, but did so at the cost of Nina Sharp’s life.  Despite this sad turn of events, Walter gets a piece of information from Michael’s mindscan that proves interesting: Walter’s mysterious helper in setting up the “defeating the Observers” plan, Donald, is no other than the human-sympathizing Observer, September!  So, with that, let’s get into the home stretch… Continue reading

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