If You Heard My MP3 Player… You’d Think Me Strange

22 Jun

I do not like most conventional music. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t listen to the radio (my new car has XM Satelite radio and I’ve got it set to oldies stations- Hair Nation is my fav)… which makes it a little weird when people ask my opinion about music. I can’t tell you bubkiss about who is popular now. Or even ten years ago. I’m absolutely horrible with bands… unless I adore them. And for me to adore you, as a musician or band, you have to be awesome. And generally… that means you are indie. 

This started for me about a decade ago because all the music on the radio sounded the same- there were essentially 4 songs played over and over. Or at least that’s how it seemed. And that frustrated me enough that I turned off my radio and only listened to CDs. Of course I’m lazy, so the CD in my car is usually there for months before I change it. Thank goodness for MP3 players, right? But this led to the problem of what music to have on it. Solved with the help of friends. And roadtrips to LA.

I was still living at home in central California at this point and so made the occasional trip to LA in order to hang out, see bands (eventually), and what have you. I admit it, the first roadtrip to see a band was in 2002 to see James Marsters band. I adored James on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and to hear he had a band? Had to see it. Of course… they were decent but not great- but we didn’t go for the music, did we? Haha. Ghost of the Robot bit the dust in ’04 only to be revitalized in 2010- my roommate and I made a trek to Santa Monica to see what was billed as a one-night only event. We expected a trainwreck… we actually got a good show. The time out of the band had matured everyone and GotR was a lot of fun and a much stronger band. We even made a video discussing this– it’s silly; you have been warned. But that first night, in ’04, introduced me to Adam Busch’s (also from Buffy) band, Common Rotation. Except that they constantly play with Dan Bern (who I can’t really stand), I still follow CR. They even played at my house once. I love the playful tunes mixed with the politics. The boys put on a good show. I grew up listening to Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie, so they fit right into my style. 

2004 or so introduced me to 3 of my favorite bands- Automatic Hotel, The Drills, and the sadly defunct (now) Powder. Automatic Hotel and The Drills have become good friends of mine and I’m sure you’ll see some posts/interviews with someone someday (you remember Phil X? my helper for the Femme Fatales coverage? There will be an interview with him before the end of the summer). Technically, Mike broke up Automatic Hotel in 2011 but I have hopes that he’ll bring the band back together. However, he’s currently off playing with Hard Six– a fabulous rockabilly band- so at least I can still get him to play for me sometimes (and I got him to be my bitch in January at a karaoke event with Nicholas Brendon and be my song monkey. To wonderful results.)

Through other friends I’ve been introduced to artists like Terra Naomi, who if you’re a regular reading you heard about in my previously linked Femme Fatales conversation with James Gunn. Terra is such a talented musician that I donate my time to help her out as her merch bitch. I love talking to her fans and sharing her music with new ones. My love for Buffy led to a love for all things Whedon, including Angel, which led to a love of Christian Kane and his band, Kane, which led to Steve Carlson and his music… I’ve only seen Kane live once- in ’05- but I try to catch Steve every time he plays in LA (since I first saw his solo set in Chicago in ’07). 

The start of W00tstock in ’09 led to my exposure to the geek music of Paul & Storm, Hard & Phirm, and Marian Call. (Speaking of Marian Call… there is an interview with her in progress. Looking forward to seeing the final product of that) There were also many special guests at W00tstock events- the Guild cast, Jed & Maurissa Whedon, Molly Lewis, Mike Phirman, and Garfunkel & Oates.

I know… you’ve never heard of any of these artists. But you should. Each band or performer is worth your time- I promise. Whether you are a rocker (try The Drills) or a into more mellow (Terra or Marian), or maybe you want silly… pick any of the rest! There is someone on my MP3 player for you.

I also adore Josh Groban, Audra McDonald (been a fan of hers since she before she was in HS and I was probably 5 years old!), John Barrowman, Blue Gillespie, and classics like Bon Jovi, Kiss, Metallica, The Beatles, etc. And don’t get me started on my strange love of Buddy Holly. Not to mention the new bands I get introduced to all the time- Five Finger Death Punch and Warner Drive being some of the most recent. ( of amusement… the drummer for 5FDP used to play with Powder and The Drills)

Oh and for the record- James does solo gigs which are entertaining (but more so if you watch the fans), Common Rotation is still a better band, Terra will break your heart, Steve can make me blush, The Drills will blow your mind, but Mike singing the Unicorn Song is the best thing ever.

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