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SUMMERTIME VIEWING 2012, PART 1 — What Might Be Worth Your TV Viewing Time This Summer

2 Jun

Stewart here…

Usually I take the summertime to either catch up on TV or revisit some old favorites, and this summer, I may have a bit less time to do so.  Besides the big slew of cable shows coming back over the next few months, like Burn Notice (anything with Bruce Campbell tends to get a free pass with me), Leverage (not a show I kept up with every season, but will try to if I can this summer), Femme Fatales (and no, I didn’t mention it here just because one of the writers on this website was on the show, OK?), and True Blood (a show that is losing its bite -rim shot- with me).  So, I thought I’d spotlight a few new and old shows worth checking out for you geeks out there, if only because some of the names involved might pique your interest: Continue reading

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