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The NerdLush Ladies… see a movie.

4 Jun

One of the beautiful things of having most of the NerdLush crew in the L.A. area is that we can get together to do things. Continue reading

My Inner Nerd is a Theatre Nerd. But Not a Snobby One.

4 Jun

It’s not really a secret that I am a theatre nerd. I was pretty much raised to be one. My mother made sure we had season tickets to the local amateur theatre company by the time I was five. I even ended up working for the company throughout my teenage years (I was a backstage tech, but the experience taught me a lot about life). I even went to a performing arts high school where I focused on theatre. Sadly, as I went out into the world as an adult, attending theatrical productions has been one of the things that has suffered- it’s generally too expensive. I made it to maybe 3 things while I lived in Chicago- a fact that deeply saddened me (though the things I made it to were well worth the effort). I vowed to make it a possibility to see theatre productions when I moved to L.A. So far, I’ve managed to quick that vow.  Continue reading

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