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Join us for a drink… OTP – Olicity, Arrow, and More!

5 May

OTP – or One True Pairing – is a fandom term used to denote pairings fans believe are the best couples. This occurs throughout fandom mediums – television shows, books, movies…even “real life people”. In most fandoms, there are fanfics that are written by the fans in order to tell a story, the way they see fit. To be honest, some of the fics are quite well-written with compelling stories. Others… not so much (off-topic, but recently there was an announcement of a “One Direction” fanfic that was being published… excerpts of the book were released as well… it was painful drivel). But these fics also allow for fans to have their OTP as they see fit… something that may go against what the writers of a show or the author of a book series may want (for now anyway).    Continue reading

Nerd Party For the Mother Effing Win!

2 Oct

So… a wee bit ago, we at NerdLush celebrated six months of nerdery with a costumed karaoke party with friends and fans. I admit to being a wee bit nervous before the event… I mean, this is LA! People RSVP for things here all the time (and then don’t show up!) (or the opposite-show up without an RSVP). And up til the actual party night- after arriving at the venue- there was that little whisper saying I should be ready with “It’s my party, I’ll cry if I want to”… but then… everyone (plus more awesome people) showed up. And sang. And had costumes. And laughed. And had fun. And it was AWESOME.

The only thing that made me sad is that Stewart wasn’t able to be there with us. 😦 Continue reading

On The Road Again… SDCC 2012 Here We Come!

10 Jul

This time tomorrow I will be on the freeway heading from LA to San Diego in the annual Nerd Pilgrimage. I missed San Diego Comic-Con last year so I am super excited to be attending this year. I usually attend, with my brother (see here and here for explanations as to why), on behalf of Evil Squirrel Comics in Chicago. I love ESC- it’s my home away from home. This year, however, James and I have a new boss and shall be working for my other home away from home- Action Flick Chick. In the last few weeks, it’s been fun getting an idea of who we may end up talking to for AFC. Certainly made our usual moseying around a little more difficult, but goodness knows- we are up to the challenge! Continue reading

We Can’t Help But Have Nerd Adventures

15 Jun

We tried to have a normal day- Emily came over to hang out, play some video games, watch some Farscape, and be here with me when my new mattress was delivered. But on our way home from lunch- where we got a spot, on Hollywood Blvd, directly in front off the restaurant we were going to- our troubles began. So we made a video for you. 🙂

The NerdLush Ladies… see a movie.

4 Jun

One of the beautiful things of having most of the NerdLush crew in the L.A. area is that we can get together to do things. Continue reading

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