On The Road Again… SDCC 2012 Here We Come!

10 Jul

This time tomorrow I will be on the freeway heading from LA to San Diego in the annual Nerd Pilgrimage. I missed San Diego Comic-Con last year so I am super excited to be attending this year. I usually attend, with my brother (see here and here for explanations as to why), on behalf of Evil Squirrel Comics in Chicago. I love ESC- it’s my home away from home. This year, however, James and I have a new boss and shall be working for my other home away from home- Action Flick Chick. In the last few weeks, it’s been fun getting an idea of who we may end up talking to for AFC. Certainly made our usual moseying around a little more difficult, but goodness knows- we are up to the challenge!

This year, as I don’t know exactly what my internet situation will be (yes, the convention center has free wifi but do I really want to cart my netbook around?), Stewart will be doing round-up posts every day- collecting tweets and pics (mine and others of interest) in order to share the info. We’ll sit down and do full posts as soon as we can! Madison will be at SDCC with the Femme Fatales ladies, so we’ll try and catch her thoughts. And I believe Emily will also be making the trek south for a bit to partake of the nerdy shenanigans- so we’ll have to keep an eye on her posts too. Essentially- the NerdLush ladies have this thing covered! Hopefully.

And hey… if you happen to find me- which you might, I dunno- I have NerdLush buttons. 🙂

James & I, SDCC 2009, in the Ballroom 20 line (hour 3 of the wait)

James & I, SDCC 2009, in the Ballroom 20 line (hour 3 of the wait)

James- the planner for our adventures- has had panels etc planned out since SDCC started releasing the schedule. This works well for me because I accept interview options from AFC and then pass them off to him… hopefully, I’m not making a huge mess of our schedule! Oh well… all part of the fun, right? There should be a variety of interviews and posts going up over at AFC from our time there. As well as posts here at NerdLush- I’ve already weasled my way in with some people, so hopefully we can work that out. I’m hoping to have some short video interviews… but who knows. This will be the first convention NerdLush has attended and we aren’t hitting this one for ourselves- everything we do is just a by-product or a bonus.

Eh… it’s still going be awesome! Though if I’m still thinking that way on Sunday, it’ll be a miracle! 😉

Happy SDCC2012, everyone!

3 Responses to “On The Road Again… SDCC 2012 Here We Come!”

  1. Dee2 July 10, 2012 at 2:15 pm #

    I am jealous! I have yet to make it to SDCC *pout*


  1. Post of EPICNESS… or how I spent my SDCC 2012 vacation « NerdLush - July 18, 2012

    […] Heck! I was onsite and he had some info that I didn’t know. As I’d mentioned before I made the pilgrimage, I wasn’t sure what the internet situation would be during the week- so it was nice to know […]

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