Fresh Meat!

15 Jun

Hello Everybody!

So when Elizabeth asked me to be a part of Nerdlush, I was thrilled! I’m all kinds of nerdy! I hope to be able to bring you awesome tales about movies, television, video games, food, travel, and most of all… technology!

Here are a few of my current projects and/or obsessions….

..and Diablo swagMy current baby is my Hackintosh,  a PC that I built from parts to make a fully functional Mac computer, making a machine that was faster and significantly cheaper than the machines I use at work. (And my job uses some pretty soupy machines!) Specifically, I used an Intel Core 3.10GHz i5 Sandy Bridge core that runs both Snow Leopard and Windows 7 natively on different bootable drives, with a sweet video card and an external USB optical sound drive… I’ve probably lost you by now, or you’re thinking why I went with an i5 over an i7 (it came down to stability, okay?? When it’s time to upgrade I’m definitely going with something beefier) And you’re probably asking “why the f$@# would you do that?” and it all began with the quest to have a mac that was faster and cheaper than what they sold in the store. ….Because I got the Diablo 3 beta and my current computer couldn’t run it. $800 later and I have this beauty and a level 30 Wizard. It’s a never ending project. My next goal for it (after I beat Diablo…) is to overclock it and deal with a few kernel issues regarding memory performance. I’m pretty excited about it.

My other obsession is a little program called Plex. Plex is the backbone of my media operations. With it I can watch any format of media (movie, TV, music – nearly any codec) with beautiful presentation and can stream it from any computer in your network – all for absolutely free! I’ve also managed to get it to stream from outside of my network from my machine to my parent’s computer 30 miles away (Unfortunately my upload speed on my internet provider is too slow to handle anything- but at least I know it’s possible!) This in turn started another wild goose chase about jail breaking a 2nd Generation AppleTV and fueling my desire to get the absolute most out of digital media.

My next project that I’ve been researching quite a bit is to build a solar panel. I think it would rock my face off to be able to have a solar panel on my balcony that could power… well, anything at this point. I’ve seen a few portable panels that can charge iPhones, so why not have a panel that could power my air conditioning? I haven’t gotten too much research done on this yet, but if it becomes like a viable project I will for sure blog about it here!

So if there’s something you want me to cover, have a question about setting up a bootlist flag, or anything else- please ask me!

Oh yeah… and my name is Emily! 🙂

Planned Upcoming Posts: How to Build a Hackintosh with 10,000 Easy Steps (or Less!)  and the Casual Gamer’s Overly Delayed Videogame Review on Diablo 3.

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