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FARSCAPE Revisited Mini-caps / Season 1, Episodes 1-4

16 Jun

Stewart here…

A brief history lesson: I remember a time when there was something on cable called the Sci-Fi Channel (it’s now called Syfy, you may have heard) and for the longest time, it was full on reruns of classic science-fiction and Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Sometime around 1999, they started to branch out into original programming.  Among the first of the shows they wheeled out was one produced by Jim Henson’s company, and was a largely Australian production called Farscape.  It was meant to not really be a muppet-esque sci-fi show (although there are clearly puppeteered creations at work here), but a combination of puppets, make-up, and CG, and yes, regular humans.  So cut to several years later, when after four seasons and a follow-up miniseries, I was a full-blown fan. Continue reading

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