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Captains Vlog~ Nerd Adventures~ Episode 1, Vasquez Rocks

31 May

What is truly fun in life is having a friend who will geek out with you. I’m on break between semesters, so currently I have even more free time than normal; Emily is on hiatus between gigs, so has a large amount of free time as well. Take the two of us, our immense free time (and lack of money), and multiply by the number of sheer unadulterated geeky things we can come up with… you have a lot of Nerd Adventures to look forward to. Continue reading

FanGirl Squee… what is your favorite geeky treasure?

28 May

Recently several friends attended C2E2 in Chicago. Since it was my birthday, and they are awesome friends, I received many texts and photos of their fun. Continue reading

NerdLush site announcement!

25 May

A couple of announcements! New author! New product! And a feedback form! Continue reading

As Long As I Don’t Wear Tights or Spandex, Issue 1 — SAGA

25 May

Stewart here…

As much as I love a decent comic and been a big comic book reader since I was a little tot, I appreciate it when someone goes and tries to do something beyond the superhero genre.  But, there is still a bit of the stigma that comics are just for kids or adults in arrested development (and those people who believe that are usually speaking out of their ass).  So, for those of who are not big fans of heroes in tights or just want a change from the norm, I’m taking a few paragraphs to spotlight comics that you may want to check out either monthly, collected, or in digital form.  With that out of the way, let’s get to it… Continue reading

Femme Fatales Premiere Coverage… OMG! James Gunn!

23 May

You may recall that last week AFC ran my interview with several of the ladies from Cinemax’s Femme Fatales– as a capper to that interview I was asked to cover the season two premiere. The write-up for that is up on AFC. This would be my first on-site press gig as the interviewer (remember, for Spartacus, I took the photos) and would also be attending the screening and after-party… so I tracked down someone to be my assistant for this event- my friend Phil Xenidis (you might know him better as rock god, Phil X formerly of Powder, currently playing with his band The Drills and with so many other awesome artists). As I laughed with a mutual friend the other day- last year, he was playing with Bon Jovi, now he’s my bitch. Ha! But in all seriousness- I have to give Phil a lot of love for his help. He took some great photos for me and it was great to have a friend to hang out with. Continue reading

FanGirl Squee… Convention season is upon us!

19 May

Alright… the season isn’t really a season anymore as there are great conventions throughout the year and all over the country, but back in the day starting with Easter and running through Labor Day, it was convention season.  Continue reading

Buy Me A Pint with Galactic Credits — Stewart’s Favorite Fictional Drinking Buddies

17 May

Now, I preface this by saying there are some mild spoilers, so be warned, dear reader…

First off, I’m not one of those guys who goes out regularly, let alone with relatives or friends on a weekend to hammer down a few beers and have some fun.  Not that I have crap relatives or friends to hang out with for options, its just not my style.  However, on the rare occasion when I do, I find myself often being the designated driver, which is like the equivalent of being third string quarterback in a football team, and by that I mean, sitting bored out of my ass taking care of drunken fools.  So with that thought in mind, I decided to form my own league of fictional characters I would enjoy going to a bar with and not worry about being the only sober one. Continue reading

TV Seasons Come And Go, But They Always Leave The SPOILERS!

16 May

As we dig into the downside of May (holy crap! wasn’t it just 2011?) another TV season is coming to a close. Of course, with all the shows on cable, it isn’t like it used to be where summers were spent with nothing but repeats- now there are no series premiering all year long. But the bulk of the network shows still run with the school years, September to May. And so… another batch of season and series finales is upon us. THERE MAY BE SPOILERS BELOW. Continue reading

NerdLush Site News- Authors Galore!

16 May

As your hostess, I would like to take a moment to welcome new authors to the site Continue reading

Nerdplosion… episode 3

14 May

Not too long ago, I mentioned that Action Chick herself had given me a mission to interview some of the ladies of Femme Fatales. Well, today, the interview went live over at AFC. Excited to see this one go live for many reasons, but mostly because this particular interview actually was the most fun I’d had doing this sort of thing. Chatting with the ladies was awesome. They both had such great things to say- and the stories I got from Madison… HILARIOUS! Even better than that though is the fact that Madison and I are now friends and hopefully she will become a contributor here! Life is crazy sometimes.

So take a read-thru of the article, leave a comment, tweet/facebook it and share it with your friends!

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