Captains Vlog~ Nerd Adventures~ Episode 1, Vasquez Rocks

31 May

What is truly fun in life is having a friend who will geek out with you. I’m on break between semesters, so currently I have even more free time than normal; Emily is on hiatus between gigs, so has a large amount of free time as well. Take the two of us, our immense free time (and lack of money), and multiply by the number of sheer unadulterated geeky things we can come up with… you have a lot of Nerd Adventures to look forward to.

For our first adventure we drove northeast to the Vasquez Rocks. The site has been used in basically everything ever made ever. You may not think you recognize the rocks, but if you just think about it- you do. Classic Star Trek filmed many an episode here. As well as more recent TV shows- Roswell, Bones, NCIS, etc. Even films like Galaxy Quest have used it as a location. And I am not ashamed, much, to admit that yeah… we wore Star Trek uniforms when we got up to the top of the peak.

I have to explain some of the pics- when planning this trek, Emily mentioned a big box she had received from a friend but was not allowed to open til they were skyping together. So she had decided to take the box on adventures and make a photo album of her time with the box. This was a concept I could readily get behind and thus decided that I would grab something to take pictures with as well. I opted for the WoW “Wind Rider Cub” my brother had given a few years ago for my birthday. So then we decided that Star Trek uniforms were a must. And that the photos would include a battle between Security Officer Ohmigod (Emily) and the Box. I also had a battle… but I was a red shirt and quickly lost. (If anyone knows of the random Star Trek attends Repo the Genetic Opera adventure we had last fall, Security Officer Ohmigod is the identical cousin of Chief Oops)

I think that’s really all the narrative you need. Watch the video, peruse the gallery, and have a laugh at our expense- we’re cool with it. Next time… we journey to Solvang.

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