FanGirl Squee… what is your favorite geeky treasure?

28 May

Recently several friends attended C2E2 in Chicago. Since it was my birthday, and they are awesome friends, I received many texts and photos of their fun. I will say that I am immensely jealous of the photo my love Brian got with John Barrowman because not only did it encompass an homage to the grope that I got from John at SDCC 2010 but he GOT A PHOTO WITH JOHN! Something that I have yet to be able to do due to timing. I only hope that John is at SDCC this year and I can catch him. I won’t tell you the rest of Brian’s story of his time with John because that’s his story but… yeah, color me jealous.

But the point of this post is what do you have in your collection of mementos that you would consider your favorite geeky treasure? I have photos with people on my wall- including an amazing hug photo that Karo took of me and Nicholas Brendan in NOLA in 2011- but most of them are also posted on line and thus if my house were to burn down, they’d still exist. I have signed DVDs (some of which are HILARIOUS!) and CDs. Back home, my brother and I have our original Millennium Falcon toy in the garage. It’s still in good shape, though dusty. That’s a pretty cool thing to own. But in thinking about what my favorite geek treasure is I have to say that it’s probably my big book of geekiness- otherwise known as the binder full of random autographs and flyers. It’s the book that I add new memories to every time I have an adventure. And it’s not my favorite because of what’s inside. It’s not the autographs that make it my favorite- it’s the memories that go along with each, the story. I can remember the event that led to each signature or picture or what have you being added to the book. Those are the treasures.

So what do you have in your collection that you’d consider your favorite geeky treasure?

2 Responses to “FanGirl Squee… what is your favorite geeky treasure?”

  1. stewartmoncure May 28, 2012 at 7:15 pm #

    My signed Astro City comic. My Marvel magazine adaptation of Robocop from 1987. My ultra-rare & recalled DVD of Tim Burton’s Ed Wood. Just to name a few notables.

    • elizabeth ann May 28, 2012 at 7:28 pm #

      I have a book or magazine or something that ties into V. Has BTS stuff as well as interviews and a short fic. Wonder where I left that… everytime I find I sit and read the entire thing, cover to cover. Memories.

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